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[VIC] Netriders Shave for a Cure, Fri Mar 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Flipper

    Once again, Netrider will be participating in the Worlds Greatest Shave for a Cure to raise valuable funds for the Leukaemia Foundation.
    We need as many Netriders down to Friday night coffee at South Bank as we can get on:

    Friday 14th March.
    7pm -...

    ... more

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  2. Let me know if you need generator, leads and clippers Flip.

    Have 1KVa generator and 2 sets of clippers.

  3. where is friday night coffee?? i couldn't find it on whereis . .com please be of help. because i am coming from geelong.
  4. Phil, you can find the coffee night thread Here
    There is also a map on the first post :)
  5. Well I got all the paraphernalia, posters, donation boxes, balloons, banners etc.
    Who is shaving this year? I'm sure Mrs Scumbag is up for her bi annual shave \:D/
    I have confirmed with trampoline and they are happy to have out the front of their store again and are also giving away free ice cream to anyone who shaves.
    Do we have any hairdressers with clippers amongst us? Or does someone have a close friend who is a hairdresser and can donate a couple of hours for a great cause?
    Lets make this bigger than previous years and get the donations rolling in :grin:
  6. ill be there to rattle the tin flip, but no shaving for me, sorry.

    phil, im in hoppers crossing, if you want we can arrange to meet somewhere and you can follow me in.
  7. I should be there once I finish at teh F1
  8. Flipper,

    inspired by your efforts I am running my bi-annual Shave For A Cure via my work.

    I have 4 victims (myself included) lined up for the 13th of March. One of my victims is my boss :twisted:

    so - will be with you all in spirit :grin:
  9. Hey Greg, are those clippers still up on offer? Dunno whether Scummie is coming along this year and he supplied clippers last year. Also, I really don't know what I am doing when it comes to clipping hair, so do I have any volunteers to help out on Friday night?
    Doesn't seem to be much interest this year either which is a shame.
    For those coming along Friday night, I will see you there :)
  10. I will be there to shave it all off ;)

    And I have some donations ready to go :)
  11. Fantastic, thanx for the support Booga, I really appreciate it :)
    Ronin, it will be great having you help out tomorrow night.
    I still need clippers if anyone has any they can bring along, also if anyone has any coloured hairspray they can bring. I have to go buy some tomorrow.

    The guy in the coffee shop with the afro has agreed to go the shave tomorrow night and shorty will colour his hair so that should be entertaining in itself.
  12. This late in the game, and no-one with clippers :(

    Well, its hot out there, make sure you keep hydrated before you head in, dont want any slipups with the clippers :LOL:
  13. Thanx so much to Greg. He dropped off some clippers to my front door today :)
  14. i'm bringing some clippers in
  15. Thanx to everyone for coming along, it was a fun night for a great cause.
    Thanx Scummie for doing such a great job with those clippers :grin:
    Thanx also to Maddy, Cheng, Peeah and Rolla for your works of art with a spray can :grin:
    Thanx to trampoline for supporting us and letting us use their entertainment area.
    The absence of the rattle tins we have had in the past has caused us to come up alot shorter in donations this year which is a shame.
    We raised $164.60 in donations last night which was alot lower than previous years where we have raised well in excess of $2000.
    Might have to speak to them next year about the return of the rattle tins.
    I'm not sure how much Booga raised or if their was anyone else raising money under our banner.
    Thanx again to everyone who helped out and I hope you all have the colour and glitter out of your hair with minimal washing :rofl: :p
    Photos will be up later on today.
  16. sorry i wasnt there flip. having a few dramas at the moment which is leaving me less than mobile. sounds like the lack of rattle tins and miss_dj in her secretary outfit rattling them around was really missed huh :grin: