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[VIC] Netrider XMAS BBQ, Sat Dec 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: vic

    FREE Netrider Xmas BBQ for all members and their families. We will supply the sausages, bread, salad, and cordial. You supply the chairs, soccer balls, and fun.

    Date: Sat 16th December, 2006
    Time: 11:00am - > 2:00pm
    Westfield Pi...

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  2. woo-hoo

    For those who haven't been to this spot before, be advised that if the day is windy, it can be COLD. If you're travelling by car, bring warm clothes or a coat; if you're riding, you may not get to take off your Dri-Rider :LOL:
  3. so close to me i could almost walk... see you all there
    one vego!!!
  4. Wear something warm this year, eswen..... :LOL:

    Late breaking development; I shall have to get permission for this fiesta; the 15th is our 33rd wedding anniversary, and I will have to travel on that day, and not take Mrs Hornet out for Dinner, as would normally occur. Watch this space :LOL:
  5. a mini skirt is warm.
    well, vic told me it was?
  6. That may be what he said, but you looked like you were FREEZING......
  7. I think he may have ment it made him feel warm :)
    but i seriously wasnt cold :)
    maybe if I am not hundover this time I will ride down :LOL:
  8. Don't listen to him Es. You looked HOT! :wink: :LOL:
  9. humm yes that is exactly what he said... :? :cool:
  10. You should do your maritual duties hornet :shock: and take out your wife :bannanabutt:
  11. I'm looking forward to it :!:
  12. Dave and I will be there but will add our names once we work if the kids will coming along.
  13. I've RSVP'd, see you all there :)
  14. My rsvp is complete. See you all there. :)
  15. Should be heaps more fun this year now i know a lot more faces :)

    I'll rsvp closer to the date
  16. Z900, I offered to give her a great night out, riding pillion on the Hornet for 15 hours to Melbourne. Strangely, she seemed less than enamoured with the idea :LOL:
  17. Fly her down Paul.

    Tell her the incentive is that she................



    Meet me :grin:

    Actually, no, that might scare her and she'll catch a plane to the Bahamas or something :p
  18. Actually, Vic, that idea has merit (apart from the meeting you bit.... :LOL:)
    Trouble is I want to ride down and even if I do fly her down, she's stuck when she gets here because she doesn't have a license of any sort and can't drive....
    I'll consider it though, hmmmm......
  19. 2000 members I'm sure at least one of them can pick her up from the hairyport.

    Stop being selfish by wanting to ride, fly down and bring the misses with ya.

    Unless her name is also Martian Taylor and she doesnt exist :p:p:p
  20. If you were to come down, I imagine that you would accept our hospitality again. I also have car and very happy to pick her up. I'll organise that weekend off work, so will have flexibility, Paul. Let me know :wink:

    :grin: :grin: :grin: