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[VIC] Netrider Spanner Day, Wed Dec 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 16, 2007.

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    I've notived a large number of new riders getting onto the forum of late and asking some very basic questions. Some are so basic in fact that the dealers that sold these young folk their first bike should be slapped, however, I digress.


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  2. No takers huh?
    I recommend any noobs to go along to this if they can. Learn a little about how your bike works. I went and checked out a spanner day run by NR gurus and learnt a lot just from listening and watching. Simple things from pre-ride checks, oil, tires, lights, brakes, products like brake cleaner, degreaser to make your job a little easier.

    I'd go if they covered a bit more about suspension and stuff.
  3. Thats what is being discussed in the second one :grin:
  4. bugger! not gonna be here.
  5. More of a spanner night than a day isn't it, starting at 7pm and all. :grin:

    I think I'll go along to annoy the boys a bit. Maybe they could replace my centre stand to show everyone how to do it! :twisted:

    Vic, when is the second one supposed to be on. I didn't see it in the calendar. I to would like to discuss suspension, and its appropriate adjustment.

  6. Depend on the interest that is shown for the first one.
  7. ie. zero!

    I'm willing to help out as well, assuming there's a flood of takers in the next couple weeks!
  8. Heh heh. That's why I gave it a bump Loz. :grin: I like the guys at Metro, and wouldn't want to see them discouraged from doing these activities.

    Come on all you newbies, put up your hand if you need to learn and want to go along. :cool:
  9. I've been hanging for something like this but it's on a Wednesday....I'm working on it!
  10. doesn't really say what they are planning on covering in the description??
  11. Sounds like a good session. I'll be there.
  12. I'll try to come along
  13. I still consider myself a noob so assuming Im not travelling next week count me in. Anything I can learn is a bonus
  14. I will try and get there. Sounds good I need some education and tips.
  15. i'll try but can only make it if i can swap a shift :)
  16. As usual there is always a kid who'd love to come but can't. Today that kid is ME.

    Boo hoo! :cry:

    Can't make it as monkey-in-law is visiting from O/S for 2 days and we've got to do a family dinner.

    Are these events done (semi) regularly, or is it down to the kindness of the hearts of the grown ups who know their way around a bike?

    Cos I really do wanna know how to do stuff!
  17. It's down to the kindness of others, and the motivation of our leaders, Vic and Mouth. :grin:

    Apparently Brett (Service) and Lou (Accessories) from Metro will be there, but not John Rigoni (Owner) or Rick Bates (Service Manager).

    So come on you Newbies, put up your hand and come along to the night so that there will be more in future.
  18. just got my class schedule straight just a while ago........i'll be there.....yay \:D/
  19. It is confirmed that I will be there. Finally. :grin:
  20. Excellent. Been wondering how to do a few basics things on my bike. I'll be there 100%