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[VIC] Netrider Social Drinks Night, Sat Jul 11th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: vic

    I'm thirsty. Therefore I think it's time for a drinks night.

    Come and join your fellow members in a fun social night where you can put names to faces and meet new members.

    The night will be held at the Rose Hotel in Port Melbourne. 309 Bay Stree...

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  2. :grin:

    disclaimer ...
    I am not responsible for anything I say or do under the influence of alcohol :twisted:
  3. Will be in attendance, What time it start ?
  4. LizzyM and I will be there.

    Did you organise this knowing I could not attend and so leave enough booze for you to drink?

    PS I wonder, I know insulting a MOD gets me band. What will this get me?
  6. OI!! I resemble that remark:p

    Of course, I'm not as silly as you look :p

    Laid? :p
  7. Start is 7.30pm
  8. I'll try and drop by - been forever since i seen anyone from here...but i do still exist :grin:
  9. Drinks?!!!........I will be there :grin:
  10. mmm beer. will be there :beer:
  11. I'm with Kitt on this :LOL: and I will have my partner with me :shock:


    Bruce :)
  12. You have and will always exist my precious ;)
  13. *nods* uhuh .. of course we be nice , aren't we always :angel:

    :-w :---)

  14. I hav to go to an engagement party Sat night.... What's worse is that I've been banned from wearing hats, jeans and t-shirts. Essentially I'm fcuked..... I'll look for a way that a party in SE melb requires a stop in port though................ Still drinking is dangerous cause I'll have to remember that the house 30m away isn't mine anymore and try not to sleep in it.
  15. From your way there isn't a way NOT to stop in Port Melb ;)

    As for my attendance, I didnt' see this till now, and will consult the boss :-w
  16. G'day everyone,...

    I'ts F'ing Pissing down here,... might have lost some paint off the house its comming down so hard,...

    Will see about comming,.. might have Greenrider in tow..

    Dr Who?
  17. Great night Vic thanks, looking forward to the trip to Tassie that should be a hoot :LOL:

    To the rest of the crowd, it was great to meet you all and there's nothing like a good laugh :LOL:

    More stories to tell next time we meet :wink:

    Cheers Bruce
  18. I wanted to join you guys but couldn't make it unfortunately. Hope you had a good one. What's this about Tassie? That still on for January?
  19. Thanks for the night Vic. Good Pizza, and great company. Liz and I had a great time. It was good to meet some new faces and catch up with the usual suspects.

    The bullsh!t was 1st class. Bikes were never ridden faster or more recklessly and there were never greater riders than in the stories across the bar.

    We need to do this more often on a regular basis.

    Those that didn't attend missed a great night. We'd love to tell you who stripped for a free pizza dare but what happens at The Rose stays at The Rose.
  20. :-w hehe