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[VIC] Netrider Runs to the Toyrun, Sun Dec 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Netrider

    Meet points for the feeder runs into the Netrider convergence point are as follows:

    Assemble from 9:00am at the Kmart Carpark, Crn Mahoneys Road and Hume Hwy, Campbellfield (Melway Ref. 7 G10) for a 9:30am sharp! departure. Route is Syd...

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  2. Rightio, I presume that

    is a typo and not inferring to time travel and that you mean ~9:25am to pickup riders.

    Anyway, looking forward to this. :woot:

    Hope it won't be a repeat of last year when leading 2 lost riders with fixed shepherding them as TEC, one of the sheep wasn't paying attention to traffic and ran into my back tyre when I braked for red lights :| :LOL:
  3. Good pickup. Didnt even notice that boo-boo :grin:

    See below.


  4. Correct. And updated :) Thx.
  5. It's gonna be my first time doing the toy run this year. What sort of toys are they usually after, to which age groups?
  6. Basically whatever. They did have some concern over stuffed animals a year or so ago, but I'm not sure.

    if you jump on the Toyrun website - www.toyrun.org.au I think - it should list it there.
  7. where is the ToyRun finishing this year... :)

    cos last year we/they finished at Williamstown and they also had the "Bikes by the Bay" there, but I see thats on the 26th Nov this year...... :cool:

    so do they have anything organised for the finish if at Williamstown this year...??

    can Netrider be more organised this year with something at Williamstown, (b4 we arrive) like a stand and Netrider banner up....... :wink:
  8. Nope, you will have to wait 1 more week.

    The toy run is the toy run and no other group should be involved in making any money from the event.

    Now that BBTB isnt going to be on the same day at the destination, "bring it on" I'll actually stay this year and partake in the festivities.
  9. I like the toy run. :)

    I wonder if this year I can get there without damaging my bike. :-k Making it till the end might be a big call, but just to get to the start with all my indicators and a complete clutch lever will be an improvent on last year. :oops: Let's have a go. :grin:
  10. Woot hooo.... bring on the toy run, anyone else heading in from the east..... seems to be fairly quite this year..... anyway guess i will see who ever is coming at village green :)

    cheers stewy
  11. I've never done the toy run, I might make this my first! :)
  12. ok question due to lack of interest are the meet points still happening? :?
  13. Absolutely they are - just because people don't post up in the forums doesn't mean the event isn't still on.
  14. yep i know the event was still on, it was just the feeder runs, as i assume the leaders would have a quick look through here and if they see noone coming i was wondering if they would still go past the meet points or just head straight in there...... don't wanna be standing round a parking lot...waiting on people.... whether the feeder runs happen or not i will be heading, just be nicer to head in there with a group of others :) :wink:
  15. I'll be going... dragging along at least one other... probably at Burwood stop.
  16. I'll be at the northern meet point... probably on the Bandit 1200 this time.
  17. Is there by any chance someone willing to take a pillion on the ToyRun who's meeting at the Northern point? I have a friend who has experience as a pillion who really wants to attend this event but she doesn't have her own bike yet?

    If anyone is willing can you please PM me ASAP
  18. I'll be arriving at the Village Green somewhere around 9:30-10:00.
  19. I'll be at the Westie's meeting point at 8.45am (ish)

    I'll be giving Steve a hand marshalling the riders that turn up.

    I cetainly hope the Werribee/Tarneit/Wyndham Vale riders show up in force or else........

    :idea: remember, I know where you all live :grin:
  20. Anyone else planning to join the ride at the Village Green?

    Also - are there any requirements about wrapping/not wrapping the toys? I've tried to get onto the Toy Run website but it seems to be down at present. I know with some charities they don't like gifts to be wrapped, so they can see what they're getting.