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[VIC] Netrider Pre-Christmas Shopping night, Wed Dec 12th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 16, 2007.

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    The riding season is upon us once again and some of you might need to purchase some new riding gear or upgrade the worn out stuff, or then again, you might all be like my wife and shop for the bloody sake of shopping :)

    So.....Netrider, in ...

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  2. Oh Goodie, Goodie.

    It my birthday soon and I'm allowed to buy a new set of leathers, so shopping night, here I come. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. What sort of discount to we get off a new Ducati :grin:
  4. Sooo is there a standard discount plus other items on specials... or just specials?? Sounds interesting!
  5. I will give them a call this coming week and find out what discounts we will be getting on the night :)
  6. Taa Flipper :)
  7. Hmmm Honda shop aswell :WStupid:
  8. Flipper - can you ask if they are offering a discount on Tyres please? If so , I am VERY interested in buying a new set for the VFR and having them fitted. But I will need to know about 2 weeks prior to the shopping night if this is the case.

    Thanks :grin:
  9. Sounds like fun. :grin:
  10. Need 2 weeks to wear them out? ;)
  11. Hmm, they have a fair range of gear, but not all sizes and such. I assume orders taken on the night get the discount as well (and that it is better than the usual existing customer discount), rather than just a sell out of stock?

    I might ask John when I see him on Sunday. :cool:
  12. Did we ever get an answer as to the style/type of discount being offered??

    Flat percentage, or only on selected items???
  13. Not as yet Rob. Not even sure if this event is still going ahead. I have been waiting on an email with contact details of the business that is running the night but haven't heard anything.
    Maybe Vic can put more light on the subject :)
  14. better fkn be going ahead, i got work off so i could go shopping! :p

    ima coming anyway :)
  15. Yes the night is going ahead.

    Deb, you can always send me an email in the event that I have been snowed under and have forgotten to email you :p

    Seriously, I work 6 nights a week and do over 60 hours a week. Thats not including Netrider and Zoomantics. Forgive me If I occasionally forget shit.
  16. Metro staff were talking about it last week at the spanner day, so they think it is going ahead, specifically Lou does. He is in charge of accessories.

    I forgot to ask what massive discount they were offering on the night.

    I will hopefully be getting my bike back from them tomorrow, so will probably still go along to this.
  17. Soooo... the style of shopping night then??
  18. Just turn up and negotiate Rob :!:

    They don't have the range of Mike Mart, and they tend to give flat discounts to customers, but I have no idea what this night will be like. Probably: We have lots of stock, so we'll discount to sell it before Xmas.

    Their spanner night was pretty casual. I assume this will be the same.
  19. not good enough mate :p
  20. I went in for a sneak preview on monday - unfortunately won't be able to make it tomorrow night.