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[VIC] Netrider feeder runs to the Toy Run, Sun Dec 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Nov 17, 2008.

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    Meet points for the feeder runs into the Netrider convergence point are as follows:

    Assemble from 9:15am at the Kmart Carpark, Cnr Mahoneys Road and Hume Hwy, Campbellfield (Melway Ref. 7 G10) for a 9:30am sharp! departure. Route is Sydne...

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  2. I am keen to do my first toy run this year but am a little unsure of the ettiquette involved, do you purchase a pressie for a kid and bring it along on the ride ? What sort of pressies are the organisors hoping for...I have seen a million teddy bears on bikes at these things!
  3. Yes, you purchase a gift and bring it along. Drop off is at the end. They will accept soft toys, but also need games, sporting goods, books etc. Lot's of waiting around so just be relaxed and don't get impatient.

    With any kind of luck, I'll get to this one. :)
  4. The age group they get most desperate for toys is 10+. Particularly stuff for boys. There's always plenty of cute stuff for little kids but it's that older age group that isn't catered for quite as well.

    As Titus said, books, sports stuff and games are always particularly well received. And please don't gift wrap them - it just makes more work for the Salvos since they all have to be unwrapped and checked.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys.
  6. Anyone know if geelong is doing one? I won't be back in time from the port cambell ride, otherwise i'd be there!
  7. ;0

    i like this idea. i wana get involved.
  8. All you need to do is come along around 8am and ask any of the marshals or staff to assist, we will find something for you to do.

    on this particular day, we allways need more hands

  9. AAHH s%*t bug*&r bum another event I haven't missed for the past 2 years that I am going to miss this year :cry:
    first the NR bbq now this, ok not happy Jan.....(note to self, cancel holiday to Cairns with the in laws)

    Ok deep breath...have had my sook now and yup still not happy!! :(
  10. Alli, focus on the 1st week in February!!!! We can shop, ride and be tourists for a week. How much fun we will have then :grin:
  11. Plus, i've found cagers to be far more considerate than normal when they can see a cricket bat taped to my rear footpeg. :LOL:

    Or maybe it's the tinsel that scares them. :?
  12. ;0

    hahaahah i like that one seany!
  13. Geelong Toy Run 2008

    this is our 16th toy run

    Date: December 14th 2008
    Time: 09:30 Assemble 72 Mercer St Geelong (Geelong Harley Davidson)

    10:30 Toy Run Starts

    12:00 Hrs Queenscliff Foreshore until 3.00pm

    72 Mercer St Geelong BBQ, Refreshments, K-Rock Mobile Radio Van, $2.00 Raffle for Sale and drawn on the day.

    Toy Run Badges: $10:00 Proceeds:
    Geelong Hospital Children's Ward ,Bethany Family Services, Cottages by the Sea, Mercy Family care, and Other local Geelong Charities

    Last year we attracted just over 900 bikes
  14. Just to let everyone know, we are having a best dressed bike and best dressed person on the toyrun this year, there is a great prize for both, so look good on ya bike, and also yourself on the day.

    have fun.

  15. ;p

    does this mean i can get dressed up as an elf???
    is that wat u mean????
  16. Sure, all in the name of XMAs spirit.

    so to speak. :grin:
  17. Due to the Port campbell ride clashing with the Toy run, I won't be able to make the toy run this year :(
    1st year for everything I guess.
    Anyway, Phanoongy (Justin) has kindly offered to take my place for the eastern side of things.
    CBRSteve and Phanoongy will be leading the ride in from the Village Green Hotel.
    This year there will be NO meet at Ringwood (not enough people there in previous years to warrant it) so the eastern Run will start from the Village green hotel on the corner of Springvale rd and ferntree Gully rd.
    Please direct any queries to CBRSteve or Phanoongy.
    Hope you all have a blast and sorry I can't make it.

    Calendar entry has been edited....can admin please approve this.
  18. Of course :)
  19. Hi all,

    this will be my first toy run, so please excuse these dumb questions. i know that we have to buy a toy, i was thinking a bear like a previous poster, but i guess maybe a book or sporty item might be better off.

    i will be going to the werribee meet point for the feeder run in, where will you be parked? is it right at the back? or in the frontish car park?

    also, will i be pulled over if i stick a fluffy santa hat to my helmet? :p