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[VIC] Netrider Annual GP Dinner, Wed Sept 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by vic, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Netrider Annual GP Dinner

    Seeing that there are several interstate members that are not able to make it to the regular Coffee Nights at Southbank and various other locations around melbourne, Netrider would like to hold an annual dinner at a pub on the Wednesday prior to the Grand Prix in September.

    For those of you who are travelling from interstate, this gives you a great opportunity to catch up with the Victorian Members and put faces to names.

    Last years innaugural event attracted close to 60 people and it was great to put names to faces and talk crap with people.

    Early indicators tell me we are expecting the same turn out this year so come along and have a great night.

    And I get to turn up on the bike this year and not the car :grin:

    The booking is under NETRIDER and I have booked for 60 people.

    Date: Wednesday the 13th of September 2006 at 6.30PM
    Location: Bells Hotel and Brewery
    Moray St (cnr Coventry St)
    South Melbourne 3205
    (03) 9690 4511
    Melways Map 2K E1

  2. Dave and I will be there :grin:
  3. Ahh, bugger. I definitly can't get to that. Would've love to meet some of the interstaters.
    I mean, how could I resist the chance to see it tasmainians really do have two heads :p
  4. Hoping I have recovered from surgery enough to go to this but only time will tell *sigh*
  5. Can't wait, i missed this last year but will defenatly be there this year.
  6. I am so there motherfcuker. Cheng too motherfcuker.
  7. I am in , will be a long week I think.
  8. Im in for sure. What a good way to warm up for the GP !!

    Also can offer accomodation to interstate attendies but applications will close soon ;)
  9. Im in :)
  10. I hope to make the journey, but have three windows on the hacienda getting replaced about that time, & the missus will be soaking up the warmth @ Mossman, FNQ

    Not that I don't trust the builders or anything.......... but I aint leavin the house windowless 8-[
  11. Mrs Gromit and I will be there!
  12. ill try to make an apperance.. sounds like a good night.
  13. Shaun and I will be there too. Yay!
  14. ill b there. I never go 2 these netrider events.
  15. VIC, how much will it cost?? and yes I will become a netrider member soon. I get lazy :p
  16. Don't leave it too much longer, you're getting old :LOL:
  17. I'll be there :) Even if I don't have a bike :cry:
  18. I'll be there!
  19. Yep, count me in :)

    Message too short....
  20. Count me in :cool:

    Must find out who else is coming from Syd / Bris... :idea: