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[Vic] Netrider and Dynoverks Dyno Day, Sun 21st May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Mouth, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. ****DATE CHANGE****
    Folks due to it being Mothers day on the 14th this event has been moved to the following week 21-5-06.
    For those that are booked and cannot attend please notify us ASAP. Thanks

    It's on once again - bigger and better - the Netrider and Dynoverks Dyno Day!

    Netrider and Dynoverks have partnered together for a special Netrider members only Dyno day, including prizes for category winners. Sunday May 21st, 2006

    In addition, the Joe Rocket Honda Race Team will be there on the
    21st including Russell Holland who is factory backed. You can get to rub shoulders with a certified "mad-man" :)

    Prizes on the day, in 2 catgeories, include...
    A Power Commander free
    Free set of Bridgestone tyres (BT014 or SS12)
    Free Multimeter and free labour on minor service
    A Custom dyno map free
    Yoshimura packs - Mat Maladin t-shirt, cap, and key ring

    For ONLY 60.00 you will get the following...
    * Your bike on the Dyno, with a printout
    * "Two Wheels" magazine May issue with editorial on how to read Dyno maps for every rider in a "show bag" with stickers including Dynoverks sticker and Dynoverks discount card
    * Complimentary BBQ snag and drink magnificiently cooked to perfection by Netrider
    * Special purchase price, if ordered on dyno day, for Power commander fitted and mapped for $715 normally $800, and a further % off air-filters and exhausts ordered on the day

    Plus, we'll also have the range of Netrider merchandise samples available for you to touch 'n' feel and place orders :) Plenty of free Netrider stickers to go around too!

    To book and pay for your Dyno spot, visit

  2. Oh I'm so in!! but what bike??

    CBR250RR if it is not sold??
    ZXR250A if I get an engine for it??
    CBX250 for a laugh??
    Or the "secret" project bike if it is finished by than??
  3. Thats Mothers Day
  4. Balls. Now I wish I didn't go to last year's! Sadly now I know how much power my Hornet has and there's not much point, however much I like the sound of them prizes.... :)
  5. ok im going to have to tape all my little bits of bike together and see if it will run so i can get it to this.....
  6. I'm not about to dyno the XV. Seeing single figures on the dyno sheet is not much fun. But are spectators welcome? It might be nice to see a few of the bigger bikes fun their hearts out.
  7. It's stock, but I'm still curious. There's a fair chance I'm there. :)
  8. I'll throw in a free Netrider cap for the bike that produces the least amount of horsepower :)

    Spectators are welcome ;)
  9. Least amount of power???? where do I sign up!? :LOL:
  10. if the perioads are 15 min lots then it should cost around 20 dollars then.
    catagorys are unfair too. why not have a 0-250
    251-600..........601-1000.....and 1001 +
  11. Hi Im a little curious too just to see if the ZX9 puts out what Kawasaki claims. What model do you have? Mines a B3 1996 and they claim 102kw or 139 ps. I would like to see the real output! :)

    Cheers :beer:
  12. dont know if this will help ya zx9 2002 134hp at back wheel :grin: done at race replica figures your quoting probably at the crank :shock:
  13. Did you want your bike revving at max revs for 10 minutes? I'm sure they can arrange that if you feel the need for it to be longer.

    The idea of the day is a HP shootout.

    It can cost $20 if you didnt want a BBQ, didnt want a drink, didn't want the chance to win some expensive prizes.

    Categories were chosen by Dynoverks. If you want more categories you need more prizes or prizes that are of a lesser value. Then the price might go up to $80. Now we cant have that :p
  14. No!!

    There is no way I will permit Jason to do a strip or a wet T-Shirt comp.
  15. you do know we would rather see you over him in a wet T-shirt anyway!
  16. Right, well then the price must go down if I'm going to enter the wet-T comp :)
  17. Hi They are the factory figures from my manual so they are probably at the crank, so I wonder how much you lose from the crank to the wheel ?
  18. What a bugger, I can't make this one because I will be racing the PB's at Warrnambool. The next one I am starter.
  19. alright u go vic... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  20. How do you figure that if you, and in fact, I, don't know when the next one is? :eek:

    You may again be racing PB's at Warnabool when the next one is on :LOL: