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[Vic] Nepean Hwy police this week

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Morbo28, May 20, 2008.

  1. I commute on the Nepean Hwy during the week. Yesterday several cops were out, today I saw even more and that included 2 std cop cars, 1 highway patrol car (the orange one) and one motorbike cop that had pulled people over with their disco lights on (in only an 11k trip).

    Two of the people pulled over were motorbikes. It seems that they are having some sort of blitz here - does anyone know more about this or if they are targeting anything specific? I'm interested to see if the bikes that were done were NR members, coz I wanna know if they got done for filtering through stationary traffic as this is pretty much what a commute along the Nepean Hwy in peak hour involves! :? Other than that, if you commute this way this week - heads up.

    (One was a silver and blue CBR heading south, didn't see what the other one was. But I'm sure you'd remember getting done if it was you anyway :LOL: )
  2. Thanks for the heads up Morbo28. I travel up the Nepean a few days a week and was out today, but at 5:30am. Cops were prolly still pushing out zeds at that time, not much was around.

    Maybe I'll amble back via beach road this afternoon and enjoy the coastline till my turnoff.
  3. Yeah not a bad idea - I sometimes go that route home along beach road (St Kilda to Hampton). I love it when it's a nice day and I leave work beofre peak hour. When it's really busy though I find the Hwy is simpler to ride - people dart all over the shop on Beach Rd around parked cars and people turning right and people gunning it up the left had side to get ahead etc etc.

    Enjoy the ride :)
  4. Hi Morbo

    My friend got pulled up on the nepean for changing lanes without indication (she was lane filtering).

    She's the second person I know who copped a fine on that Hwy this month.
  5. Ahhh...not what I hoped to hear...

    Thanks for the info..I only filter through stationary traffic I don't lane split when moving (not sure which one your friend was doing). Hopefully I will avoid their attention if I just filter. But I don't always indicate when moving into position between lanes of stopped traffic as I don't want people next to me to think I'm gunna turn into them.

  6. I dunno what she was doing...

    I gave lane splitting a go last week (only been riding for 3 months) and it was wayy too scary. I'm sticking to stationary traffic.

    I felt like an ol' Nanna!

    Good luck on the Napean!
  7. Yeah, I've been seeing em HEAPS lately. Lots of Ucs too. SOme of em hide their rear lights with those window sun blocker thingies or sometimes bits of clothing. I got tailed just the other day, UC, black VY but I didn't catch his reg.

    Traffic was chocas but he started to cut through pretty hard when he saw me. I turned onto Highett rd rather sneakily and waved to him as he drove by glaring at me :LOL:
  8. I don't understand this attitude by the cops against motorcyclists? It seems to be very discriminatory. How many accidents happen due to filtering? If thats their motivation, then it's misdirected because the rate of accidents due to filtering are very very low. Hardly well directed resources there.

    They would be better served patrolling the Nepean for people doing 90kph+, running red lights and changing lanes without indicating. All of which I see on a daily basis there and 99/100 is by cagers. These actions are far more dangerous than filtering which for us is an act of expediency and self preservation.

    There is some tard higher up in Vicpol that must hate motorcyclists and is waging a vendetta against us. Perhaps they need to be counseled or sacked for wasting public funds.
  9. It's our stereotype, motorbike = hoon/criminal

    Just like when I was walking through S'land the other day in my jacket and boots and a mother pulled her little kid closer to her and greased me off.

    If I don't want to wear underwear and pants that's my prerogative.
    Some people are ignorent, others are just f$#ked in the head.
  10. Saw a Uc going down Bay rd this morning, UYI 010 Silver Vy Executive. He turned left onto Nepean. Had two aerials on the back.