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[VIC] Neil Mitchell, Speed Cameras and Eastlink Tollway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, May 9, 2008.

  1. Have a read of Mitchell's column in the Herald-Sun.


    In particular note what he says about the government's expected revenue windfall from Eastlink when it opens. And I'm not talking about the tolls, rather the speeding fine revenue.

    He also goes on to say that the government says that cameras are set up where there are known trouble spots. Now, this government and Vicroads in particular, must have a time tunnel or something. The road hasn't even opened to traffic yet. Maybe they know that the road design is so poorly done that it'll be causing hundreds of crashes a week when it opens, and hence needs the speed cameras in place to catch, er, stop people from speeding.

    It's like the Geelong freeway when it opened. It was open for two or so years before the fixed cameras were made operational, following on from the Western Ring Road debacle. During that period of speed camera inactivity there were reportedly no crashes, no fatalities. Since they became operational the habits of the drivers didn't change until the speeding fines started rolling in. They would have slowed up after that, most likely.

    But then, maybe people like getting fined. Perhaps they think that being fined makes them better drivers, better members of the community and hence, more likely to make them vote Labor, again...
  2. I agree with you 100% MJT but there was actually two fatals prior to the cameras, both involving extremely high speed with one high speed missle rear ending an innocent party and forcing them into a large sign, the other was a coppers son driving a car leased to VicPol near Lara who came unstuck at high speed.

    That freeway is so bad that when I go to Geelong from home I go via Bacchus Marsh, not so I can speed but so I can avoid the idiots on the freeway who keep slowing down to 80 passing the cameras.
  3. Yep, and with the addition of speed cameras, we can now rest safely knowing that such incidents can never happen again!
  4. i wonder if you can sue the government for a accident on the freeway, as they know it's dangerous by placing camera's there :?
  5. I got published.

  6. Good one, Rob.

    Why do governments baulk at mandatory sentencing for crooks, particularly those who commit violent crimes, while it's a no brainer for them to impose it upon motorists?

    And yeah, speed detection and monitoring is all about revenue, and to a lesser extent, control over our lives, regardless of whether they're being "saved" or not.

  7. ...because they're f*ckwits.
  8. Melbourne Herald-sun backed Mitchell up today with a headline story about how the Brumby government are planning to lift speed fine revenue by a staggering $1.3BILLION (total) over the next couple of years.

    The hypocrisy of this cannot be overstated. I cannot think of another example where a government policy is planned, designed and executed specifically so that it can fail in its stated objective. and by doing so deliver a giant windfall gain to its creators.
  9. And yet when the libs proposed a changing to the speed limit tolerance and other enforcement policies before the last state election they were roundly criticised for their proposals, which would, their detractors claim, cost lives.
  10. You know I was thinking that last night.

    If they build a road then they have to rely on Greed cameras to make it safe then to me they have built a sub-standard road.

    Which QC is going to be brave enough to ream Brumby a new shitter