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[VIC] Nathalia->Waiaa Poker Run, Sun Sep 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: belly

    This poker run is a great day

    Starts in nathalia at 10.am, finishes in waiaa 2pm.ish

    Run by lions club and all makes are welcome
    I`m not an organizer just a rider and this IS a good day out so come along

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  2. Just where exactly in Nathalia does this ride start?
    Is there a BBQ or something at the end of the ride?
    What is the cost involved for entry?
    Are there any prizes? and if so what are they?
    A little bit more info about this ride would be great!
  3. Sack the mod who approved it :grin:
  4. so...we still don't have anymore info about this ride!!!????
  5. Re: [VIC] Nathalia->Waiaa Poker Run, Sun Sep 24th

    it starts at the water tower in the middle of the town,yes there is a bbq at the end of th day and there are plenty of prizes. it starts at nathlia 10.00 am and finishes in waiaa they make the run up to different location every year so it is a mystery but it is a great day. i went last year lot of fun. met some great people and will be doin it again this year
  6. Re: [VIC] Nathalia->Waiaa Poker Run, Sun Sep 24th

    there you go Caz and it only took 6 years to get your answer..lol