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[VIC] Nap's Moto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by blackadder, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Was walking down Bouverie Street in Carlton and saw this joint called "Nap's Moto".

    Despite being late for something I had to have a quick look. Plus, my eyes saw a nice looking black KTM 390 inside. :p

    There was a good range of motorcycling gear and accessories from Japan. I didn't notice, but girlfriend reckons they actually had a decent range of gear for women too.

    The guy there, Takumi seemed nice. An ex-racer apparently. I was going to ask if he use to race tofu deliveries up Akina in an 86, but thought that would be a bit too creepy :) He did say that they might start service bikes soon.

    They opened up early this year. Any experiences?

    Web: naps-moto.com.au

    77 Bouverie Street, Carlton
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  2. andyhui01andyhui01 bought his gear from there. Pretty good from what I heard.
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  3. Very happy with Naps. I spent about 2 hours over 2 days to get the right set of leathers. Really patient and helpful.

    Plus they keep a good amount of stock which is a plus.
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  4. RS Taichi.

    The best.
  5. Full range of Taichi gloves so I was able to actually see them in the flesh and try them on. Picked up some great summer ones. Tried on a few Taichi leather jackets and now I'm very tempted to go back and pick one up. Suspect I will over the next few weeks as they are competitively priced to the online competition. They are the aussie distributor for this brand so pretty much had it all to try on. Very friendly service too.

    Do yourself a favour and stick your head in there if you're in the area.