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[VIC] Mt Hotham, Australia Day Weekend, Sat Jan 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hi again,

    I am planning an Australia Day weekend celebration at Mt Hotham rather than Bright. The way I look at it, some of the best roads lead to Hotham so why not end the rode at the end of the rainbow...

    26th and 27th January


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  2. Hey Everyone, big thanks to Mouth for getting this up so quick. Thanks Mouth and Happy New Year mate. :)

    OK. you all know the details on the ride. Mouth suggested another accommodation but you are required to "bring your own linen, sleeping bags, etc..... :(

    The benefit with the accommodation I already organised: 3 doors down from the pub and breakfast included.

    26th and 27th January

    I spoke to Georgina at the Asgaard and she said they will definately look after us. $50/night including breakfast, linen, pillows, blankets, towels, etc.... everything provided.

    The all important pub
    Yes, they will be open till late..... hehehe.... check out their website. Just got off the phone, they will have a BIG night planned... woooohooooo

    I would like to limit the group to maximum of 12 at this stage - maximum

    Update Update Update - Melbourne Crew

    A few of us are going upto Mansfield on Friday evening. We plan on leaving Peter Stevens Motorcycles City - Elizabeth St - at 6:00pm. Tide the Blackspur then Alexandria and onto the Backpackers in Mansfield..... Why I hear you ask.....

    Spend the Morning running up and down Mt BUller.... :cool: :cool: Woohooo.... For those that have not one this, it is AMAZING.... :grin: So, for those wanting to join us for Friday night, let me know.

    So - Melb Meetings points
    Meeting point 1) Friday 25th Jan - Peter Stevens City - 5:30pm meeting for 6:00pm departure
    Meeting Point 2) Saturday 26th Jan - Healesville - 9:30am for 10:00am Departure. As I will be in Mansfield, who is interested in leading from there
    Meeting Point 3) Saturday 26th Jan- Mansfield - 11:30am for a 12:00noon departure.

    Let me know if you are interested as I need to lock down accommodation.

    OK, the place has a total of 6 rooms so they can accommodate a total of 24 people. At the moment, I have 3 rooms booked so we have space for 12 people - which is the number we have.

    If additional people want to come along, let me know and I will see if we can get another room....

    Riders attending so far:
    Titus + 2 for the evening
    Bubba CBR

    This ride is very similar to the Bright weekend rides, only an additional 50km through some amazing roads.
  3. Hey Mitch how many nights we talking?

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  4. Sounds like fun.
    Count me in Scuffy. :grin:
  5. Franky - 1 night

    Peter - Done
  6. Should be able to manage 1 night :wink:

    Thanx Mitch!!

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  7. Will be going through Bright and Hotham (with a small group) on the 26th, but not stopping for the night. We will be going on to Omeo/Bairnsdale.
    What time do you plan to leave/be there? Might see you on the road :grin:
  8. Hey Titus, not sure on the time yet. I figure we will be in Bright around 3ish and then head to Hotham shortly there after. What is happening in Omeo?

    Riders attending so far:
  9. Hey - anybody interested in making it a two nighter? day 2, recover :LOL: then head off for Mt Buffalo and Falls Creek? :grin: then home on day 3?

    Spewin I didn't think of that on the last Bright run :roll:
  10. Most likely nothing at all :LOL:
    But we need to be at Cowes by Mid-afternoon Sunday (track day Monday), so can't hang around for too long in the mountains. Say hi if you see two CBRs and a speed triple on your travels. We'll be leaving town earlier than you I think, but we f#$% around so much you'll probably pass us anyway!
  11. I'll be in that Mel :idea:
  12. I'm in! naturally :)

    Do we get a long weekend in Canberra? Or are Mel and MStevo taking a day off on the Mon?
  13. 28th is public holiday :grin: :grin:
  14. I luv it! I'd be in for 3 days too then!
  15. Riders attending so far:
    Titus + 2 for the evening
  16. I might be able to make this one.
  17. What bike would you take though, your KTM :grin:

    Sorry about that rather abrupt turn at the end of our last ride, I was low on gas and just spotted a station...at least it woke you up I guess :grin:

    I might also be able to do this ride, I'll go check the diary.
  18. Hi I'm new to netrider and interested in the Hotham ride and would like to come along if theres any places left thanks Bubba CBR
  19. Well actually -to tell you the truth, I didn't actually notice it (the abrupt turn that is) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    I think I will take the touring bike on this journey, the 400 :) Done a bit of suspension work & having a real hoot on it at the moment :LOL: :LOL: