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[VIC] Mt Dandenong Tourist Road

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by rs101, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Between the Tremont Service Station and the Black Cherry Cafe (in Ferny Creek), there is about a kilometre of poorly resurfaced road (signposted)
    There has been copious amounts of gravel left on the road, and the corner with corrugations has had it's lumps accentuated.

    As such, where you see the signs, slow the f*** down.
    Aside from that, enjoy your run, and give a nice blat when you pass the Ferny Creek store.
  2. Panic over.

    The section has been swept and had lines painted this morning (Sunday). It was only sealed on Friday afternoon.

    Just remember that there is a continuous solid white line all the way from Tremont to Montrose now so under the new road rules that means no passing. There are also several 50kph zones along that road and it's tourist season so anybody who wants to "give a nice blat when you pass the Ferny Creek store" should really look elsewhere.
  3. Actually, it's still a problem. Just fired off an e-mail to Vicroads to get their side of things working, it was a bit of a shoddy repatch that they did, my concerns range from non-sweeping to aggregate shearing and bitumen bleeding, so until the section is rectified, it pays to be careful through that section.

    And yes, still give it a bark when you pass the store :cool:
  4. It's still a real cock up, Today the bitumen was bleeding through to such an extent that cars were sliding, and then Vicroads came through and put loose gravel on top... really, really risky for bikes at the moment. :(
  5. Glad to hear they are still hiring brain surgeons at Vic Roads. Pity they don't put as much effort into road maintenance as they do to writing up the fees and charges charter.
  6. Was going to go for a ride up there tomorrow, might reconsider that now...


    Decided to go and do this run today after being told by a friend that it's all clear (he drove).

    It's not, there is still decent amount of loose gravel to be found...
  7. Recieved this response regarding-
    "Mr Smith

    Thankyou for your recent email regarding recent spray seal resurfacing works on Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd. Apologies for the delayed response.

    The type of surfacing treatment applied at this location involves applying a thin layer of hot bitumen to the existing surfacing followed the application of aggregrate to provide a textured surface for traffic. The purpose of this is to waterproof the pavement for the future and does not provide any improvement to the ride quality or removing irregularities in the existing surface

    We are aware of the issues you have noted in your email in regards to this seal. VicRoads Contractor has since gritted (placed additional aggregrate) to address the bleeding that has occured in the recent hot weather. Additional signage has also been placed to advise of the additional of loose aggregrate on the surface. The most recent application of this additional aggregrate cccured yesterday (11 January) and this has solved the initial issues with this seal. Further sweeping will be undertaken shortly to remove the remainder of the loose aggregrate and the warning signs will stay in place until this is completed.

    I have also noted your concerns regarding the linemarking. Once the site has been re-swept, the linemarking currently obscured by loose aggregrate will be visible. As part of these resurfacing works a second, and more durable coat of linemarking paint is always applied between 4 and 8 weeks after the initial coat to provide durable and long term lines.

    VicRoads will continue to monitor this site for any further issues that may arise


    Colin Dailey
    Snr Road and Bridge Projects Engineer"

    It seems to be pretty okay now, though applying hot bitumen over pooled bitumen doesn't appear to be the wisest thing they could have done. Seems to be pretty okay for the moment, though it may again change the next hot weather we get.

    And don't be detracted from riding through, it's only a 1km stretch
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    Sounds like problems may still exist around here? VicPol reported a motorcycle accident in this vicinity yesterday.

    Has the road been fixed or is it still borked?
  9. The Tourist Road between Tremont and the Belgrave-Ferny Creek Road is in a terrible state but any rider with even 5% ability and awareness should be able to see the road conditions and compensate well before they get into trouble.
    Safety warning signs are in place and the road is marked extensively in preparation for re sealing.
    Any bike rider who has an accident on that stretch will have nobody to blame except themselves because it's them in charge of the throttle.
  10. Although I understand your thinking I think you're just brain washed into accepting in my opinion an unacceptable standard for road building...

    Why should motorcyclists accept a road building proceedure clearly designed only for 4 wheeled vehilcles?
    Remember it's only due to costs that they use certain building methods that clearly then require public vehicles to complete the surface.
    This is WRONG WRONG WRONG and freakin shite load more dangerous for any two wheeled vehicles.

    It's not that they can't leave a clean surface.
    Could you imagine the outcry if at the completion of Eastlink (and similar roads) if they left loose gravel and just told joe public that we'll finish it later when everyones cars have cleared it up for them.

    I don't have an issue while roads are under contruction but really don't agree about methods that then require a few months of traffic to do some work before they complete it...

    The new resurfacing on Jamison-Eildon Rd is a perfect example of this road building practice without any regard to motorcycles!

    Seems to me that someone's budget has priority over a motorcyclist's life...
  11. too freaking right, joe!
  12. I wonder if a case of negligence could be brought against the relevant body for leaving a road in that condition.

    Your eastlink example is perfect. Look at the recent resurfacing of the black spur. It's bloody beautiful and only a few days after they've done a section it's in mint condition with hardly a lose stone. (I hope it's like that when they finish the entire section). The Eildon-Jamieson road is a potential death trap.

  13. I contend that placing warning signs is an admission that they KNOW it is unsafe.

    Someone needs to draft or co-ordinate a pro-forma letter of complaint that we can snail mail to VICROADS and or TAC (because they're the ones trying to reduce road trauma aren't they). If it's snail mailed, we can expect that someone in the department will have to respond. 10 or 20 letters is going to eat into someones budget.
  14. might be better writing to your local MP as well. anyone good at drafting letters?
  15. How on earth can you use Eastlink as a comparison? Eastlink was built by Thiess, a private firm who were tied to strict KPI's in their contract and had no choice but to build a world class road.

    I am in construction/civil, not every road is completely VicRoads owned. VicRoads will go as far as repairing it, if it is a small country road th residents have to contribute 50% of the total cost for it to be completely resurfaced. Nothing like eastlink.

    Read up a bit more and understand the reasons behind these things before expecting a road surface to be that of Eastlink standard.

    The roads up Mt Dandy are horrible anyway.
  16. Maetrik

    Your post agrees that cost is a factor why roads are not completed with a good standard..
    And that was my point as well as the roads are left in a state safe enough for cages but still very dangerous to motorcyclists.....
    Yet they still impose an additional levy on us and end up spending it on stupid adds, borchures, etc...

    Yet you still see things that totally amaze me in the reasoning!
    I know Mt Dandy really well and Sherbrook Rd there is a good example and what the current road surface is like on that road.

    A little over a year ago it was resurfaced with what I believe was the WORST resurface job I've seen for a while.
    It was so rough and bumpy and made worst that everyone had wished they had left it as it was.
    I know phone calls were made complaining so guess how they explained it and what they did?
    They said that rough surface was needed because it created a better grip, blah blah blah.
    But soon after al the complaints, they added a smoother finish just on 3 of the main bends!
    Yep that's right, it now has a horrible bumpy surface they say we needed for safety, and smooth as right on the bends and in the wet, the changing surface can make it very interesting indeed...

    So I suggest everyone should take care on Sherbrook Rd Mt Dandy when the roads are damp!