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(VIC) Mt Buffalo National Park Road

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by G, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Yesterday was my first ride up Mt Buffalo to the chalet. It is 28 km each way. Heaps and heaps of twisties. The views of water cascading down the mountain side are spectacular.
    Oh and there is a $2.70 entrance fee for motorcycles to the National Park.
    Looking forward to riding up there again. :D :D :D

  2. Take care on that road, there are a few odd corners. I know one of the staff that works the ticket booth, and there are a lot of people that come off the road (not as many on the Falls and Hotham roads funnily enough).
  3. Good point. It is a challenging road. I was using 1st and 2nd gears for many of the corners. :D
  4. Good fun, innit?
    28km sounds like you went to The Chalet.
    Had a chance to stroll around inside that? Built by the former Vic Railways as a "holiday camp" the main corridor has some of the history of the road as a pic-gallery, well worth having a look at. Also, the craftsmanship of the building and timberwork is worth a look. The old dining room is straight out of the '30s.

    When getting up there, turn right at that huge sealed "carpark-looking" T-intersection for some more great twisties past Lake Catani and across the ridge to the skilifts, then about 700m dirt to the carpark at The Horn, incredible views from there (the tiny shelter on top of the cliffs).

    Well worth the walk/ climb to the top of The Horn, a huge granite boulder, about 1hr return.
    While in that area, the best bakery is in Myrtleford, turn towards Yackandandah at the town-plaza (sorta triangular green-patch in the ctr. of town), it's about 150 meters. Best coffee, too. :)

    Some outstandingly picturesque grassy "beaches" along Lake Buffalo (turn west in Myrtleford) for a quick dip on hot summer days, then either of the 2 dirtroads (about 20-27km each) to Cheshunt/ Lake William Howell (name?) and Whitfield.
  5. I have some time over Christmas for a ride; my question is, is this area stinking hot at this time of the year? Leathers and furious heat don't mix well, at least for me.
  6. I was there a month ago for a reccy of the upcoming NDR: National Ducati Rally and with the sun shining it was quite warm at the Chalet. Had to remove TA Elements jacket. I'd imagine it would be that or warmer in summer. However, there is a lot of tree cover on the way up. :)
  7. A great area to spend some time in, good views and great roads. The weather is still a bit unpredictable at Christmas time but if it’s hot on the plains its cool or even cold up on them hills. As Glitch said be prepared to do a little bit of gravel.
  8. oooo erk, you know how much the Hornet liked that gravel section behind Launching Place?? 16" front wheel and gravel did not seem that compatible (then again, could have just been lousy riding.....)

    And thanks for the specific answer, G. (not that your's wasn't, Dave) {you've got to be real careful round here these days. so many TOUCHY people :LOL:}
  9. Lots of great roads and things to see without doing any dirt but you do miss some highlights by not doing it.
  10. That area is quite pleasant, most of the time one's underway up the mountains where it's cooler, anyway :D
    Stinking hot? YEAH...that's Corryong and surrounding area.
  11. Thanks for that Glitch, primitive logic says riding somewhere SOUTH should be cooler than riding north, so I'll tuck this one away, need to sit down with two other guys and plan the route.

    On the subject of which, I will try and see as many of you wonderful Netriders as are available and as I can :D (I owe Flipper a big grovel and several coffees :LOL:)
  12. Double the planning for an approach either from the South or North.
    There's often a distinct weather-"divide' with Gippsland on one side and the areas north of the Divide-Main Ridge.
    Often hot in the north, it's markedly cooler in the south and vice versa.
    (sometimes it's the same everywhere though...)
    Doesn't matter which way one runs the 'loop', riding is good everywhere.