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[VIC] MRA Cranbourne GP Run, Sat Sep 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 15, 2006.

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    2006 Event Details: Date: Saturday 16 September, 2006 Time: 10am Where: Cranbourne he MRA Cranbourne GP Run is held each year on the Saturday of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. The MRA Cranbourne GP Run is a rare event. Tens of thousands of motor...

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  2. 2006 MRA Cranbourne GP Run Warnings

    With the upcoming MRA Cranbourne GP Run many stories are circulating about what to expect during the assembly and ride to Phillip Island.

    The partners and stakeholders of the organizing committee as a whole, ask that all riders obey the road and ride rules, and respect their fellow riders, to allow for an incident free MRA Cranbourne GP Run. This is a Ride NOT a Race to the Island to promote good motorcycling.

    There has been much talk of undercover police or unmarked bikes being amongst the ride. As a member of the organizing committee for this event, I have asked those members of Victoria Police who are members of the committee, and even they have no knowledge of the placement or use of unmarked bikes.

    But they have stated that quite a few off duty officers will be riding their own bikes in the event as the dedicated motorcyclists and GP fans that most participants are. So should anyone break the law, even though they may be off duty, these officers can still take down your details and have an infringement notice or summons issued after the event.

    Also the implementation of the new “Anti Hoon Laws” will be enforced this year. So if you choose to do a burn out during the assembly and wave off, or a sustained mono/wheelie during the ride, you can expect that there is a fair chance your bike will be impounded for a minimum of 48 hours. To give you an idea, a vehicle impounded in the Cranbourne-Narre Warren area will incur a release fee of approximately $530.00 plus any relevant fines. If you are not already aware, the storage facility for impounded vehicles is situated at Essendon Airport, so you also have a fair travel to retrieve your pride and joy.

    As in previous years, we cannot discount the fact that Police Command may or may not place mobile speed cameras along the route. Whilst they are not expected during the procession, they will be active along with roving patrols during the whole of the Moto GP event. And as in recent years, the MRAA cannot be held responsible for anyone’s breaking of the speed limits.

    The actual procession ride to Phillip Island will be conducted as in recent years, two Police solo units leading the procession at pace of 10-20 kph below the posted speed limit to help keep the ride as a single group and lessen the rubber band effect of riders racing to catch the pack, then suddenly slowing when they do catch the pack. The main reason for this, is to keep the pack as a whole traveling at one constant speed and minimize sudden stopping that may cause accidents. A third Police solo unit will patrol up down the procession, keeping an eye on rider behavior, along with the marshals placed throughout the pack .

    Whilst marshals have no legal standing, they are required to report any abhorrent behavior during the ride to the relevant authorities.

    All riders are asked that they ride in staggered formation, and maintain safe distances between all other bikes, whilst traveling in the left hand lane only of the dual carriageway. Victoria Police would ask that riders remain in one lane in the ride so people not wishing to partake in the MRA Cranbourne GP Run have the opportunity to pass the ride safely. The ride as stated will be at led by Victoria Police at 10-20 KM/H below the posted speed limit and the opportunity to pass should be available to all motorists using the South Gippsland Highway - even those Not attending the event.

    Added to all this, we have changed road conditions from previous years with the inclusion of two new roundabouts at the South Gippsland Hwy – Baxter-Tooradin Rd. and South Gippsland Hwy – Westernport Rd. intersections. These roundabouts will be closed to traffic entering from the processions right during the time it takes for the procession to pass.

    It also asked by the MRAA, Victoria Police and the organizing committee as a whole, that all riders obey the road and ride rules, and respect their fellow riders, to allow for an incident free MRA Cranbourne GP Run.

    Our main aim is to have a safe, incident free and enjoyable ride for all involved.

    MRA Cranbourne Organising Committee
  3. Hi ya Shane.

    Is there a link to the event??


  4. Here you are Rob -Link
  5. Another word of warning too. As it will be a slowish ride, some of you may have the urge to stretch your legs while riding.

    Well, don't.

    On Sunday, a couple of mates on their way home from a Moto Guzzi run to Daylesford were followed by a police car. Suddenly it waved over one of the guys. The usual exchange followed, what's the problem, yada, yada. The cop booked him for not having both feet on the pegs. He stretched his leg as it cramped a little bit.

    When he explained this to the cop, he was told that the law requires both feet to be on the pegs at all times except when parked. The cop said that he should have pulled over, gotten off the bike and then stretched his legs.

    He copped a $145 fine and 1 demerit point.

    Talk about a nanny state gone crazy. SHows what happens, I s'pose when you get ex school teachers and union thugs running the joint.

  6. Don't you mean FAILED school teachers and wankers.
  7. What a load of shit :shock: I would be contesting that charge of feet of the pegs.I am sure the judge would be amazed at the supidity of such a charge :grin:
  8. This feet off the pegs issue is now in another thread (started by JD Karm). For further info regarding this, best to go there. But in the meantime, keep it in mind if you're doing any of these GP rides this week/weekend...
  9. I am planning to ride for Sunday. Any ideas when and where guys will be riding and what time the Gates open at the Track. This is my first time for the GP so any advise is appreciated. :)
  10. That's funny. You can do something as benign as a wheelie and lose your bike for 48 hours but hundreds of drivers get away with more dangerous behaviour every day, like changing lanes without indicating (or head checking). Yet they just get a slap on the wrist.
    It would be nice if the laws were logical and fair and not based on persecuting media reinforced scape goats to win votes at the next election.
  11. 2006 MRA Cranbourne GP Run

    Ok, whos going?

    I'll be doing Cranny to the KWR turn off as i'll have my daughter with me and she has to go to a footy thing in the arvo.

    Meet where??
    Say the carpark just on the Cranny side of Burger King about 8ish.

    Mike, i'll be leaving Drouin about 7.15 and pick up daughter at KWR on way through if you want to ride in with me.

    my mobile
  12. I'm going to Cranny but will be marshalling you lot there. Not doing the run itself, have a ball to those that are and take it easy.
  13. Don't forget to stretch your legs
  14. Hi smee,

    There has been a lot of talk of leg stretching the last couple of days! Just don't get caught doing it while your riding!

    Have a safe one!

    Does anyone have any idea if there is going to be a reroute/detour in and around Cranbourne?

  15. There's a few of us coming back from the island for the run, and the past few years the meet point has been macca's c/park , then we head down about 1/2 hr b4 the ride starts .

  16. If you do not wish to do the GP Run and want to head straight to PI, just keep to the right as you pass KFC and you will be directed around the assembly area.
    The south bound lanes of High Street Cranbourne will be closed diring the lead up to and procession, whilst the north bound lanes be redirected to have single lane travel in both directions.
  17. Hey Hel,

    Professional curiousity is begging me to ask, is there a band scheduled this time??? If yes, who??

    Having played at two wave offs in recent years, I have to tell you, the view from the stage was AAAWESOME!!

    IMO, organisation of the event was excellent and well coordinated, and I expect it will up to it's usual standard.


  18. You need to suck up to Roundman , he's on the organising committee
    :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Too late now! Just wanted to know whether there was one... so is there?