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[VIC] MRA AGM yesterday (15/3/08)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Norm1960, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Did anybody from here go?

  2. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Sorry, can't help myself........... :-# :p

    A couple of NR'ers would have been there for sure. JDK, Tony E ..........
  3. Actually JDK had to work and couldn't go.

    The membership numbers have gone up significantly

    There was nothing contentious on the agenda which normally attracts a horde.

    The numbers needed for a quorum have now gone up significantly & we didn't get a quorum :?

    Members will get a notice in the mail of a supplementary AGM in about 4 weeks.

    It looks like we'll have to manufacture a dispute and get the Harold Scruby of Motorcycling to come along in his brown leathers... :twisted:
  4. what the hell is a quorom.....................? :?
  5. A quorum is the minimum number attending that's needed to make a meeting legal. It varies according to the organisation's constitution.

    It's usually a percentage of members - say 2 or 3% for a general meeting of a large organisation up to 75% for committee or board meetings.
  6. OK, so how many members does the MRAA have?
  7. A lot more than last year. :p
  8. Some people think the MRAA doesn't have many members at all [or not as many as they'd like everyone to think they have], and they are loathe to reveal the fact with actual numbers.

  9. I'm not entirely certain, but, I thought I saw some of the committee at Birdman Eating on Saturday afternoon. :grin:

  10. 17
  11. A couple of us went there for a coffee after the meeting was called off. Along with Shaun Lennard from the Tas Motorcycle Council and Marcus Wigan. Very pleasant it was too. :LOL:

    As for numbers - if you were members it'd be available in the membership secretary's report at the meeting or in the subsequent newsletter... :p
  12. I am, so I will await the newsletter........ :p
    Is it posted or emailed, as I have yet to recieve anything except a "thanks for your money" correspondence. :roll:
  13. Send me your money and i will also send you a thank you letter and a free easter egg :cool:
  14. Based on the rumours, I personally [and probably others] would be hesitant to join and fund an organisation that is at risk of not accomplishing anything because no-one is backing it.

    Fair enough, that can be self perpetuating, and true virtue would see the principles supported rather than the group; but if the information is truly so readily available to the mllions and billions of MRAA members, you'd think someone would have been able to easily answer this question by now.

    No offense, TonyE; I do think you're typing in jest more than deception - but I find both your answers so far more 'evasive' than 'hilarious'.
  15. Not disclosing the actual financial number of members would lead me to stay away from a secretive organisation. ;)

    The MRAA for years has failed to disclose its membership numbers.

    Alarm bells ring when they fail to meet the minimum numbers to make an AGM legal.

    Oh, and the fact that JDK is your next president :p
  16. when did you join?
    The details will be in the next newsletter after the AGM.

    how you get it depends on whether you ticked the box to get it electronically.
  17. Last year.

    I have not rec'd anything by email or post, ever!
  18. So, I may have been floating on Cloud No. 9, but I wasn't dreaming...hahaha :grin:
  19. Given the attitudes and history here I don't like posting much internal MRAA information on Netrider as all I end up doing is responding to these sorts of posts (no matter what the topic). :roll:

    As I said, the President's, Secretary's, Membership Secretary's & Treasurer's reports will be in the next newsletter that Martin puts out (I hope he's staying on as editor :grin: ) as well as available at the meeting.

    That's my last response on this one so feel free to complain away. :LOL:
  20. Have you contacted anyone yet?
    PM me your details and I'll chase it up.