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[VIC] MPMC Neerim South Ride, Sun Sep 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: George Ballard (Club President)

    This Mornington Peninsular Motorcycle Club ride will be departing Frankston Yamaha, 40 Dandenong Rd, Frankston at 10am. The ride will cover approx 200-300kms as we make our way through Berwick, Cockatoo to Worri Yallock dowm the Powelltown Noojee road...

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  2. Please note this a 9.00am start (not 10 as 1st listed)
    same deal as always show up early and have a full tank of fuel.
  3. Just an update folks.

    Ride leaving Frankston Yamaha at 9.00am.

    Apologies for any confusion.


    MPMC Editor
  4. Sounds good
  5. I would like to consider this, even thou this is way to early for a Sunday :shock:

    Are there any other girls that usually go on this sort of ride?
  6. Hi Nin,

    We regularly have women on our rides, anywhere from Novies to very experienced.

    This ride is rated as level 3, but is also suitable for less experienced looking to increase their riding experience. Our club has opened it up to all levels of rider for this purpose.


  7. Nin, I was thinking of coming along to this ride. However the Sunday 9am Franga start had me um-ing & ahh-ing too ...judging by how I've been spending my saturday nights of late, sunday morn could be a write off :LOL:
    Sounds like it will be a nice ride though, might see you there
  8. Sarz yes the day after GrandFinal, but I think I will make the effort to get along and get some further experience.
  9. Thanks all for a great day.
    Weather wasnt the best but well worth the effort.

    Great to meet some fellow netriders.

    Thanks to the MPMC for puting on a good ride....looking forward to the next one.

  10. Good day

    Well, I told them I'd write nice things about them, so I'd better keep my word! Really good day (apart from the weather).

    The MPMC crew were very organised, very welcoming and good company for the day.
    They only post some of their rides on Netrider, so for any one living down that way, I would highly recommend you getting in touch with them and learning more. They are pretty active - rides once a fortnight in winter, weekly in summer.. that's right isn't it guys?

    So yeah, really good day. Good to see you out Nin, see ya next week and Sarz, where were you wuss?

    Thanks for having us MPMC, nice to make your acquaintances.
  11. Thanks for the kind words guys, and apologies I couldn't make the ride (in Wodonga).

    Our club has planned for this ride season 5 weekend rides, 7 Day rides (of varying distances) and numerous Friday evening twilight rides (2 per month in Daylight Savings) which end with a Dinner stop.

    Our club has a bi-monthly newsletter and the cost of membership is pretty minimal. If your interested in joining, please send me a Private Message and I'll happily forward to your email address.


  12. Re: Good day

    Think you got it in one Donna, very good day out (although the breeze made things interesting on the way home :shock: ).

    Thanks MPMC :)
  13. Re: Good day

    I second that quote!!! :LOL:

    The day was really good including dealing with rain, and wind for 99% of the way home.

    Thank you MPMC for extending the invitation to netriders’ it was well worth the experience.

  14. Re: Good day

    Geez, give a girl a break!! :p
    Was neither wussy nor hungover, just had other things come up ...I was out of bed by 7am, and I spent some time during the day on the bike, so I did face the crap weather, just elsewhere ....glad to see I was missed though :wink:

    Wuss? says she with her knitting :wink:
  15. I have received the calander of events from MPMC and future rides are interesting.