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[VIC] MPMC Loch 1/2 Day Ride, Sun Sep 23rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: George Ballard (Club President)

    This MOrnington Peninsular Motorcycle Club ride will depart Freestyle Honda (Wells Road, Seaford opposite Kananook Station) on Sunday 23 September at 10.00am. Covering 200-220kms in total the trip will go through Nyora, Ranceby and back to Loch for lun...

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  2. Have been on this ride with the MPMC in the past, good group to ride with, they use the Leader / Tailman system.... no one gets lost... or left behind.
    Last Loch ride had about 20 bikes
  3. I might be able to do this. Roughly what time will you be arriving in Lang Lang? Might join you there.
  4. Rosie

    To answer your question, having just spoken to the guy leading the ride
    ETA at the Shell Servo, at the turn off into Lang Lang 10.30 / 10.45 ish

    Finishing off at Grantville (how goods that!)
  5. Morning All,

    Just a clarification on Ride level. The ride is open to all levels, so 250's and Novices welcome. Tailman will allow you to ride at your own pace, so please don't feel discouraged.


    MPMC Loch Ride Leader
  6. Been riding the Peninsula for a few years now and never heard of em :dance:
  7. Thanks for checking. As for it finishing at Grantville - that is very very good. :dance:
  8. i might try and come along for this! been meaning to get out that way as its a fairly local ride.
  9. Not going to make it. :( Have chain problems. Have a great time though and hopefully I'll make it to the next ride. :)
  10. oh oh i slept in... so i didnt make it to the 10am meet-spot.
    would've been a great day out, hopefully if it happens again i'll get my ass into gear! hope this doesnt mean NRs will be now referred to as piker-riders!! have a great day all and i look forward to meeting MPMC in the future, but i couldnt see a website on google? a bike club without a website? omgwtf!!! :p
  11. :rofl:

    Not sure about a website but they have a newsletter..Bryan at Mornington Honda once gave me one and has done rides with them before. Perhaps drop in there to see if they have another. I'll be keeping an eye out for future rides too Danielle - esp if they're in Gippy. :)
  12. Yes i went along for the ride. Good ride and well planned out as they used the leader-tailman. Roads were good. Not a bad bunch of blokes and chicks for a pack of turkeys! :LOL:
  13. Thanks to everyone who came on the ride yesterday. 20+ bikes all having a great ride. Lunch was excellent and everyone got home OK.

    We do have rides in the Gippy region which will be posted here, so keep your eyes peeled. Sorry, no website at this time.


    MPMC Editor
  14. Hey you guys missed a great ride :cry: , twenty something bikes 2 x 250's, a very old BMW, a brand new, just rolled out of the bike shop that morning 600 Blade, 4 x pillion riders and allsorts of other bikes.

    Keep this Sunday free :grin: , there will be a ride posted up very soon!!!