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[VIC] Mountain to Molehill Ride, Sun Feb 24th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: robsalvv

    The MOUNTAIN to MOLEHILL ride:

    Inspired by the PRMR post ride fiasco, this is a ride kicking off from the Bayswater Safeway servo on MOUNTAIN Highway, heading up the fun part of MOUNTAIN highway, over MOUNT Dandenong, over to Healesville, up Chum...

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  2. [VIC] Mountain to Molehill Ride, 24th Feb

    Ride Class: 3


    Inspired by the PRMR post ride fiasco, this is a ride kicking off from the Bayswater Safeway servo on MOUNTAIN Highway, heading up the fun part of MOUNTAIN highway, over MOUNT Dandenong, over to Healesville, up Chum Creek road and up to Yea with a stop for lunch. Then continuing Eastward through MOLESworth and onto Marysville for an afternoon stop at Fraga's. What happens from there is open: Black spur laps/Reefton spur, etc etc.

    This is an Intermediate to Experienced ride: Moderately long distances (244kms mapped on google) with two stops. There are sections of advanced and moderate cornering, highways and country roads and scope for spirited riding. !This is NOT a learner friendly ride! There are also several highway crossing points which require confident riding skills to traverse in a group environment.

    Date and Time:
    Sunday 24th February, 10am for a 10.30am ride off. Expected finish 3pmish in Marysville - or 3:30ish in Healesville.

    Start point:
    Safeway Caltex Servo, 659 Mountain Highway, Bayswater.

    <<<Google map>>

    Other details:
    * TANKS FULL at ride off!!
    * Experienced riders definitely welcomed. (Enough experienced riders may result in a "fast" group.)
    * Since some of the planned roads become greasy in wet conditions, the ride may not proceed if the weather isn't dry and sunny.

    !Please RSVP in the thread listing bike type!


    Russel +1
    Churro Monster
    Brij (Backup Backup TEC)
    Dougz (TEC)
    Frecklz (Back up TEC)
    Charlie C

    Funky Monkey

    Legalistic stuff:

    Disclaimer - riders wishing to participate are strongly discouraged from going on a ride above their experience level. If you are not sure, contact the ride organiser or ask in the thread and we'll help you decide.

    Motorcycle Riding can be a DANGEROUS activity.

    This ride is a purely social and non professional ride. You are welcome to join but you do so subject to the following conditions.

    By taking part in a ride you expressly agree that:
    * You (the Rider) are responsible for Yourself, and your own safety as well as the safety of any pillion you have,
    * You ride at Your OWN Risk on ALL rides;
    * Insurance (of any sort) is Your responsibility;
    * No liability or responsibility will be assumed in any way by the organizer/s for the consequences of Your conduct or the conduct of any other person;
    * You expressly indemnify the organizers and anyone associated with the organizers against any claim (including a claim based in negligence) that may arise from a ride.

    Notwithstanding the above conditions, the organizers reserve the right (at their absolute discretion) to ask any person to leave the ride for:
    * acting in an inappropriate, or dangerous manner; or
    * not following direction
  3. Me, me, I'll be there, on a GSXR750 :grin:
  4. I'm RSVPing that I won't be there :p

    But did enjoy doing the prelim. ride :grin:

    Have a great day guys :)
  5. Now why did that make you smile so broadly eh??? LOL

    Thanks for the help BB. x
  6. I have to work that day, so won't be able to make it :cry:

    Oh well maybe next time. Have a fun day.

  7. I'll most likely be there. You work out what i'm on ;)

    BTW. Why will it matter what people are riding? :?
  8. Tank range mostly. Getting an idea of mix of bikes. Riding dynamics...

  9. Count me in provided nothing crops up between now and then. Will do my best cause it will be my first NR ride. Be on my vt750 shadow, not sure what that says about my riding ability :)
  10. The question is, what do you say about your own riding ability??? :-k :) ...but welcome :)
  11. [quote="robsalvv" Now why did that make you smile so broadly eh??? LOL

    cos i can
  12. hahaha @ Jafu. Yes you certainly can! :grin:
  13. i am a maybe as per usual..... oh yeah i will be on the sv so depends how happy i get in the twisty bits as to how far i get from a tank. :wink:
  14. I am also a maybe, will depend on work commitments. :)

    Forgot to say +300k range.
  15. Yep, I'll come along. On the only bike I have, the mighty Multistrada! 300Km range. :)

    The poor thing has been sitting in the garage for a couple of weeks. I better get out and practice a bit. :wink:
  16. Rob, this ride sounds fantastic. Wish i could come with you guy's and gals. Enjoy the ride, and stay safe all.

    cheers, Shaun.
  17. Well, riding a cruiser the most lean I would get is when I park the bike and put the side stand down. Nah I aint that bad. Have to see, I haven't ridden with a group for a while.
  18. Sounds like a great ride Rob ..

    I'll come along and play on my VTR250 !! longest I've gone without a refill is 280Kms...

    Just so long as there is no slow riding along a plank, I should be fine :)
  19. Nah mate, if you mess up we'll just make you walk the plank! :LOL:

    Welcome aboard.

    If the weather is anything like today... it will be flaming senshayshanall!! :grin:
  20. Can I come and play :?:

    Not sure out the SV's tank range though, I think it's rather pants :cry: