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[VIC] Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by gixxaarr, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. If anyone is thinkin of doin a quick blat up Mt Hwy......dont!!! Its an absolute mess up there!!! Theres sink holes on way up and they've blocked off a section because of.....not to mention theyve been grading gravel on side of road and at least half of the corners are covered in gravel!! And thats before last nights downpour so will be even worse now!!! Went for a spin up there Tuesday night in new cage to run her in a bit and was astounded at amount of shite on the road!! AM glad i wasnt on bike! Was losing traction badly in the cage so would be a death ride to try it on bike imho!!! Stay well away from Mt hwy for a few weeks if you know whats good for life longevity!! 8-[

  2. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Cheers mate, was debating having a cruise up there today :)
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  4. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    A month?? Nah, can't have. I road my motorcycle on Mtn Highway down from Mt Dandy just last week, so did a guy on his Hayabusa. Didn't see anything.
    Thanks for the heads up, good thing I dodged all the crap before it was there!
    Edit: Oh right, been going on warnie sassa road too.
  5. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    was up there yesterday and monday.... no gravel on the roads unless i missed it :S
    saw plenty of bikes up there including 3 cop bikes cruising along together haha
  6. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Lol wow! Sure would've been nice to have gotten a picture of that.
  7. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    think you missed it. a few of the corners had small patches of gravel between the wheel tracks when I went up yesterday morning.
  8. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Yup its cr*p again... Just did a run, large amounts of gravel in the corners. 40 zone with lights. The remainder is 60.. Just wait this is almost guaranteed to be permanant now.. Vicroads has been "upgrading" roads right through/around the hills and then lowering the speed limit permenantly.. Case in point: Belgrave-Hallam Rd (just dropped to 80, from 90, was orginally 100) and Beaconfield-Emerald Rd which now has overtaking lanes posted at 60, and corner with 70 recomended sign in a 60 used to be 80-100k!
  9. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    yup mt hwy is crap... I had the front wheel wash out on me on Tuesday and was lucky to keep it upright on a 60km corner...stupid crushed gravel
  10. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Would it have been a black / red one by any chance? :D

    If so there's a good chance it was me, I've been there a few times over the last couple of weeks clocking up kms on the brand new beast, road seemed pretty clear last time I was up there.
  11. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Haha afraid not, but those black and red hayabusa's are sexy beasts. I used to want one. I tailed this particular going from Belgrave South, through Belgrave, up that massive steep hill at the round about next to the cop shop, then he turned right at the end of that road, then left onto the top of Mountain Highway.
    Congrats on the new bike dude... you gotta take me for a dink on it man! I want see what the hype about these bikes is really about.
  12. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Yep still crap.

    Went up there on Monday.

    The first tight curve on the way up has a big trench cut out and lots of construction debris. Also half way up the road is blocked and traffic light controlled to one lane due to a partial landslip undermining the left lane.

    For extra fun the highway was cut to one lane due to a white car that had failed to somehow slow down and negotiate the tight right hander at the water tank... it nose dived the embankment on the outside of the road at about 80degrees... D'oh! :facepalm:
  13. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    the bit at the bottom is now sealed. still have the lights 1/2 way up.

    didn't see anyone over the edge this morning.

    ps anyone know if the roadworks at the corner of old emerald rd and macclesfield rd are finished?
  14. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Highway will be closed for one week starting next Monday.
    Looks like they'll be repairing that section that has lights that has reduced it to one lane due to the rain earlier this year, or was it last year.
    It's about time...


  15. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    Good to see they are finally fixing that section of Mountain Hwy up. It's been in a pretty bad state for a while.
    Hopefully the debris has been cleared from where the trench was as well.
  16. Re: Mountain Hwy Mt Dandy Vic

    I was up there late this arvo, was a fair amount of debris on the road and alot of 40klm an hour zone, and throw in vic roads cuising up and down for good measure
  17. Came down there a couple of hours ago and a bit going on..
    Workers were putting up more of those safety barriers on the parts they've widened..
    Think it'll be quite good when it's finished but wonder which way those new barriers will play in peoples minds when using it....
    Will they feel safer and go quicker or otherwise....

    May be a little like those who end up at beyound their ability because of a false sense of security as some studies of ABS, traction control and other modern safety features are showing ...
  18. If you ride harder because of a new safety barrier you're an idiot. Ride to your ability, to the conditions and thats all that matters. You come off a bike at speed, you're potentially ****ed regardless, hitting the deck on a dirt bike, just the ground at 80km/h is ****ing painful enough so to hit a barrier isn't going to be comfortable. For people to go harder because they think they're safer due to a new barrier shouldn't ride.
  19. mountain highway is open and all good.