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[VIC] Mountain Hwy Basin area.

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by aussieak, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Near Mt Dandinong Tourest Rd the from the last left hand bend before you reach 50kph limit towards tourest rd nice mig oil slick and its on the riding line as well.
    When you get to the intersection you can see some more where it was waiting to turn.

  2. ta. I was heading up there tomorrow to scrub in new tyres. Might try somewhere else.
  3. welcome I use it as my practice road will be going the oppisite way tomorrow
  4. went up anyway and watched for it. still there but maybe not so bad. looks like a numpty in a diesel left the fuel cap off. 250k later the tyres are scrubbed in.
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  5. thanks. I missed out on practice today bloody 2 hour meeting with client on Friday arvo. How dare they will have squirt or 2 on the weekend. But would love to try Spurs I think I am ready for roads like that
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  6. I need company for my 1st Spurs ride. beinga a:newb: still :rofl:
  7. Would love to join you there mate !
    But...erm..was defected for a fender eliminator up in dem woods a while back..and being the weekend, it's a no-brainer they'll be there again.
    Have fun if you head up there bud - I'll be more than happy to join you on a weekday if I'm around.
    To avoid any 'bullshit', if you DO head up there, you'd be better off if you're original/OEM mudguard/fender is attached to your tail.

    Again, many others in here, as well as myself, can confirm this through personal experience.
    Vroom vroom ! (y)
  8. I have days off 23-28 this month I will be planning a go then. My bike is still stock as long as they dont go over it with a fine tooth.
  9. Did you say 'Stock' ? They'll love you mate (y)

    I have 26-27-28th off. PM if you're heading up there on 28th (Monday) - if nothing gets in the way, I'll be happy to meet up with you.
  10. back to work 28th. and yes stock LAMS!!!!! waiting for the 675R upgrade time
  11. Aaah, no probs aussieak.
    Nothing wrong with keeping your Ninja stock, with upgrade time approaching (y)
  12. Let me know if you want a companion Nickers, i have those dates off as well, haven't hit the spurs on the CBR1000 yet :D.

    If the weather is good i can try and rally John as well.
  13. I can testify that any fender eliminator will be pulled up immediately. The cops in squad cars are too stupid to pick up fine details but obvious ADR breaches will be defected.

    Weekdays are generally safe.
  14. Mate,
    Long time ! (y) On closer inspection of work roster, I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off, so that should provide some flexibility should the weather be as 'consistent' as it has been lately....... 8-[

    Very interested in catching up Ben, and if John can turn up that would be fantastic ! Been too long. Will try and get twin out for a fang as well - he's considering an upgrade to a 2011 CBR Fireblade (HRC) soon.

    Chat soon dude.