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[Vic] Motorcycles could soon share lanes with buses

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pepito, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/motorcycles-could-soon-share-lanes-with-buses-20090831-f5ak.html

    September 1, 2009

    If it gets through it would be a baby step, but a good start nonetherless.

    Surprised to read that "filtering" is illegal. I've been doing it for years (through stopped cars) and never been pulled up :)

    The government needs to recognise our roads are getting clogged with too many cars and 4WDs carrying only a driver. They should be encouraging people onto motorcycles and scooters.

  2. "The research will also look at whether motorbikes would slow buses. "

    That is stupid. It'd be painfully hard to somehow be slower than a bus :roll:
  3. And slowly we make progress.

    Better than what we used to cop. It seems that Pallas is a lot easier to deal with than his predecessor who, unfortunately for him, may be in a lot of strife.
  4. Ah .. is something about to hit the news about the (useless) bearded one? Do tell :grin:
  5. This is extensively covered in the "[VIC] Two-Wheeled .... etc" thread
  6. Have been able to travel in bus lanes here in Canberra for ages. Bikes hampering buses...yeah that'll be the day!
  7. Whilst I approve of the idea of motorbikes sharing bus lanes you have to realize that there are such things as 50cc scooters (which in Victoria are registered as motorbikes).

    Whilst our bikes wouldn't slow up a bus a 50cc scooter most definitely could.

    That doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to do it, but it's something that has to be dealt with.
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    I took video of the address by Minister Tim Pallas and VMAC Chairman Neil O'Keefe at the launch of the PTW Strategy yesterday and have placed them on You Tube.

    You can view them here:

    Tim Pallas - Minister for Roads and Ports


    Neil O'Keefe - VMAC Chairman


    This may clear things up in relation to this thread. Hope someone finds this of value
  9. I say let the bus drivers take care of it, they'd probably enjoy the sport. :LOL:
  10. I think its inaccurate to say filtering is 'illegal' - there aren't any specific laws saying it isn't legal, it's just not specifically covered that's all. That's an important distinction imo.

    Regarding bus lanes, what about bus lanes at intersections, do motorcycles then have to obey the traffic lights for bus lanes (if there are specific signals for bus lanes)?
  11. Who was that chap who made the mistake of admitting in ausmoto that he got the hurryup by a driver of a Tarago on the GOR?

    Maybe they have him in mind...

  12. Motorcycles have been legally using bus lanes in at least one city (Bristol) in the UK for about 15 years now. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I had a (small) part to play in getting that up.

    It works well. No disadvantage to the buses and a major improvement in filtering safety, even with the Bristol Omnibus Co's complete inability to fit diesel-tight fuel caps.

    The most amusing aspect is that, for the signs that tell you that you can do it, the motorcycle symbol is still the Triumph Speed Twin with Avon fairing that's been the generic "motorcycle" symbol since the 1950s :LOL: .
  13. And even a 50cc scooter will hold up buses less than a bicycle will. :LOL:
  14. The assisted rider training study that Neil O'Keefe talks about sounds extremely interesting. It's about time someone tried to change the policy attitude to rider training, and prove that training reduces the risk of injury, rather than increasing it due to higher risk taking. ( What absolute idiots the people are who thought and believed that!)

    I look forward to the outcome of that study, as long as it is run properly, although since MUARC are involved, it probably wont be. :roll:

    Making filtering legal would be a fantastic outcome of the other research. The bus lane thing, for me, isn't such a big issue. All the new bus lanes being created in Melbourne may change that though, since they have certainly affected me in the car. Stupid idea: Take one lane away from all other traffic and give it to buses full time, even when there are no buses around. :evil: The same for giving trams so much priority on the road.

    Community Policing: Tick. But there was still a focus on "unsafe practices" such as speeding. Speed kills is at the top of Tim Pallas' mind. He is not a very good talking, or a clear thinker either, is he!

    Thanks for sharing those videos John.
  15. NSW 1, Victoria Nil

    we have had this for years and it is great. they do have a few bus only lanes but bus lanes you can use wheenver. nothing like riding past all those cages in peak hour in a bus lane

    oh hang on, Vic 2, NSW 1. you have footpath parking we dont. thats worth at least 2 points, probably more like four.

    i can't see any issues as to delays etc. buses are amongst the best road users as are most motorcyclists. i always let them pull out when they need to. its not as thought getting in front of one presents much trouble.
  16. HART are also involved in the training side. It's got the potential to be a really major piece of work if it's done right. That's the assisted rides program - it's based on the Shire of Yarra Ranges assisted rides - but a lot more developed. (we hope)

    As for the bus lanes - I've already raised the subject of the new Springvale Road proposed bus lanes. Hopefully they will be sooner rather than later.
  17. Since when has this been a competition?
  18. sorry,forgot to insert humorous/ironicical emotion in earlier post.

    it became a competition when you took my post seriously. :LOL: :p
  19. The only time motorcycles are likely to hold up buses is when they make the buses stop and line up in a row so the bike can jump them.

    Ok so if we are going to be legally alllowed to go where a bus can, how about a campaign to make it legal for buses to lane split.
  20. Pleeeeeease!!!!! This would be sensible. Forget splitting, legalise filtering :grin: