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[VIC] Motorcycle Maintenance Workshops

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Okay then, i tried using the calendar and failed so I've given up on it (again).

    Sixty Degrees Motorcycles are running another workshop covering basic motorcycle maintenance, or if you prefer...

    'How to look after your bike between services'

    In their own words...

    "This course will cover the basics in care & maintenance & understanding your ride better. You will learn all the things you can do and check in-between services, to ensure your ride is right."

    Topics covered include:
    - Chain & Sprockets - Brakes
    - Levers - Oil & Fluid Levels
    - Tyres - Lighting systems
    - Cleaning - Safety checks

    Cost is $25pp. Bookings can be made online: http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/browse/details.asp?ProdID=125960

    A great workshop if you are new to riding or interested in learning more about your ride.

    I've been to a couple of these so I can highly recommend it to anybody who has a genuine interest. It is comprehensive and covers a lot of the topics that are raised here about maintenance. Luke who runs the workshop is a qualified instructor who is as passionate about riding as you are. (sometimes the classes run over time because of his passion) So you get good bang for your buck.

    Check them out here...


    or here...

    You will come away with a better understanding of your pride and joy and how to keep it that way.
    You'll get your money's worth plus more :)

  2. Thanks Chef :)
  3. Oo Oo! I'm down!
  4. I can recommend 60 Degrees - I won't let anyone else touch my bikes
    Definitely a good mob to learn from
  5. Just a reminder folks that the workshop is being run this Wednesday evening @ 6:00pm sharp.

    There's still a couple of spots left so if you're interested in learning how to look after your bike 'the right way', rather than relying on information you've picked up from dodgy mates and internet forums, get in quick before while you can.

    I'd say at this stage they wont be running another one until well into the new year. There's too much riding to be done ;)
  6. Just signed up for it too! Will be there Wed night, and lucky it falls on a day off for me! Thanks heaps for that!
  7. Doesn't for me -- I'll be starting at five :(.
  8. booked in! along with 2 other mates! lookin forward to it!
  9. You guys are gunna have a blast. Get a good nights sleep tonight cos there's a lot to take in tomorrow night.

    If i can i'll swing by and say gidday, be good to meet some new folk.

    Have fun now,
  10. I'm attending as well, been considering doing some maintenance work on my bike, will be good to see it done right before I bugger it all up :p
  11. Great night, well worth the $25, went about 2 hours past the scheduled finish time but no-one seemed to mind.

    I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand their bike a bit better & how to do some basic maintenance & checks on the status of your bike..
  12. That Luke can talk and talk :D
  13. Definitely the best $25 I've ever spent, and who would've imagined 1.5 hrs on tyres alone...and it was all interesting/educational! Many thanks to Luke & Kat...and to Chef for letting us know about it.
  14. I'll say, as long as you don't mention tyres your fine.

    My pleasure mate glad you enjoyed it and got something out of it. Sorry i couldn't get down there.

    Oh, should of mentioned the tyre thing earlier.....hahahaha
  15. Damn can't believe i missed this post.
  16. I was there on Wednesday night too; it was such a worthwhile course and an absolute bargain at $25 (especially as it went so over time)! ;)

    Being new to bikes, and not at all mechanically-minded, it helped answer a lot of things I’d wondered about before. But probably more importantly, I also learned a lot of things I’d never even thought/known about before. So for anyone new to biking, I can’t recommend this course highly enough - not just for learning how to keep your bike in good running order, or how to save hundreds of dollars in maintenance, but also how to ensure your bike is as safe as possible.

    Also, Luke and Kat were very friendly and approachable, and are more than happy to answer any questions you throw at them. So if you’re interested in learning more about maintaining your bike, definitely keep an eye out for the next time they’re running this course!
  17. Any idea when the next workshop will be run?
  18. I don't think they know themselves yet, but their contact details are here for the training: http://www.sixtydegrees.com.au/support/sitepage.asp?Page=Training

    I'm planning on paying them a visit tomorrow (to have a look at the damage done during my drop on yesterday's ride), and will try to remember to ask them about the next workshop. The last one was fantastic, and definitely the best $25 I've ever spent...especially for more of 3 hours of learning.

  19. Saw Luke & Kat this morning to have a look a my bike, and remembered to ask about the workshops. They're actually going to be sitting down and planning their calendar of events for the year during today, and once finalised will post up dates on their website as well as Facebook soonish.

    They are also having a 2 year anniversary ride for Sixty Degrees on Feb 5th, and will most likely have their first maintenance workshop in sometime in Feb...along with other forms of roadcraft training (which sounds awesome after talking to both Kat & Luke). Can't wait, and looking forward to it!
  20. I just signed up for Thursday 17th March, anyone else going?