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Vic Motorcycle Levy Protest - 18th March 2006

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. Yes - I support this action

  2. Yes - Not because of the issue, but for solidarity

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  3. No - I can't make it there, but I support the action

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  4. No - This issue isn't important enough to protest

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  5. No - The levy is a good idea

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  6. Maybe - but I support the action

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  7. Maybe - haven't made my mind up on the issue

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  8. Maybe - I'll see what everyone else reckons

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  1. After a long period collecting signatures for the petetion against the rider tax, Lindsay Swift wrote this letter (of the issue!) to AMCN this month (Vol 55, No 11):

    Looks like the protest is gaining momentum, and the time proposed will be a highly visible one, with the Commonwealth Games on in Melbourne, and in an election year.
  2. Definitely do my best but with the way uni is going to be next year it'll be luck of the draw whether I could actually make it on the day.

    Good idea though for sure.
  3. Didn't they already try a protest about the $50 levy in Melbourne just before it was impossed?
  4. I can't see it changing anything, but WTF it's worth a go. :wink:

    Worst case senario, I have a good ride and contibute to giving someone the shits that day. :LOL:
  5. No, it was done after it was announced.

  6. No wonder no one listened . No use screaming after the fact .
  7. Exactly, it's a long winded story, I'm sure Mickdundee or any other astute MRAA person can fill everyone in.
  8. :roll: :roll:
    As if the government and police are going to allow a protest to occur during the middle of the C'Wealth games - the place will be locked down tight, and they won't let any such protest occur anywhere near the city of games venues - and good on them too.

    Anyone organising or thinking of joining such a protest should be ashamed ... Melbourne is on show to teh entire world for such a prestigious and great event - it's hardly the time for petty (yes, petty because just like the last stuff-up protest no tolling decision has even been made let alone announced) and minority group grandstanding.
  9. Hmm what has tolling got to do with a $50 levy , that the Govt has decided to extend
  10. It was an example of how an ill-thought-out action achieves nothing. Having a protest during the middle of the C'wealth games, not that it would be allowed, for whatever reason would be another ill-thought-out action that achieves nothing.
  11. I find it curious that you find the fact , part of a democracit right maybe squashed, because of the commonwealth games is ok .
  12. It was too long ago for me to remember the details but didn't the public transport strike during the Grand Prix before it was privatised kinda put the nail on the coffin?

    I don't think that anything which interrupts a world event will have favourable consequences.
  13. Without getting into the arguments re right to protest, from a purely PR point of view, Mouth is right. Staging a protest in the middle of the Games would make motorcyclists look like a bunch of pr_cks who don't care about anybody but themselves.

    How much sympathy do the cyclists get when they shut down city link? The cops treat them with kid gloves unfortunately, but it doesn't seem to have done much to gather sympathy from car drivers a.k.a the vast majority of the public.

    Using the games as a springboard for more exposure will come across as a cheap publicity stunt, and the merits of the argument will be lost in the howls of condemnation
  14. It's actually your old "mate" Damien Codognotto who's organising this one Jason. I'm actually somewhat in agreement with you on this one. I think the timing is bad - and a bloody long way off.

    If he is really serious about this one why telegraph his intentions 3 months in advance? Of course it will be allowed since they have time to organise and channel it exactly how they want to.

  15. It's a Damian Condognotto or whatever the hell his name is led protest.
    He has stated in his bizzare emails that he wanted to protest it during the commonwealth games to highlight the issue.
    All it will do is give us a super bad name over an issue no one really cares for outside the motorcycling community.
    Who the hell wants to join a damian led protest anyway?
  16. Damian's love child???

    Mark or whatever his name is... :D:D:D:D:D
  17. Hmmmmmmm I had been thinking that it was not really appropriate to have a rally about the $50 levy designed to disrupt the commonwealth games. But now that you've voiced your opinion, I may need to reconsider mine.

  18. Damien's love child!

    I think you posted your reply to the wrong thread. :LOL:

  19. Yes, well, never let it be said that I'm not prepared to reconsider my opinion.

    (I think the last time was in 1986 when Derryn Hinch said something I agreed with)
  20. Tony, the reality is we have known about this protest for quite a while now, far longer than 3 months ahead. It's also a reality that if you want people to turn up you need to advertise it. There's no way we (the MRA) could subtly advertise the event and then hope a shirtload of people rock up. Credit where it's due, at least Damien has taken the initiative to try something, if it doesn't work at least he goes down fighting I reckon.