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[vic]Motorcycle deaths soar as riders sneak speed

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Article on the Age website

    I would be very interested to hear what you guys have to say about this...... Even more I would like to see you write to the Age letters@theage.com.au to tell them exactly what you think. I have my opinions, which I will reserve until I have read what you all think.

  2. Well, I've already read the article and my first impression is the MRAV was shattered by riders sneaking past speed limits.

    Then I thought about it and I think it's a little misleading as I truly believe that what MRAV is shattered about is the fatalities........
    Please tell me I'm right!

    Newspapers do have a way I think....
  3. See if you can get a hold of the survey questions and the answer options. TAC undertook two surveys within the week about 4 weeks ago. Talk about engineering a response.

    DO IT AND SEE MRA !!!!!!!!!
  4. tac and muarc do these surveys and as usual skew the results to fit their agenda.
  5. questions such as "do you consider 10 km/h over the limit speeding?" my answer was 'that depends whether it is a 40 or a 110km/h zone, well what is it!!!'

    "just yes or no please"

    "do you consider speed is a factor in accidents?"
    my response 'do you mean speed, which is technically when you are not stationary, or speeding in excess of posted limits????'

    they suggested that I was not a good respondent and thanked me for my time.
  6. 70% of accidents involving motorcyclists ain't a good statistic though.
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  8. That's all we need to hear; lock the thread......
  9. Well done John, now how do I get a copy of the source questions and answer options?

    @ Hornet, 'lock the thread' WTF??
  10. simply that your post proves that the research isn't worth the paper it's written on, and notrhing we can say will make any difference, that's all, I wasn't casting aspersions at your post, quite the opposite :)
  11. Sorry Dazzler, can't help you there. Maybe if you wrote to the TAC or petitioned the Govt, you might have some luck.

    My best suggestion would be to flood the Age and HS with emails....
  12. I cannot comment on the quality of the research, but I would have thought that the question was quite obviously meaning the latter, and as such would also consider your response rather puerile.

    There are perhaps a number of factors, including the media, that aren't doing us any favours as a community at the moment, and I would just like to note that the massive chip that we collectively wear on our shoulders is one of them.

    Flame away.
  13. seriously Curls, the answer options to the questions asked were OBVIOUSLY structured towards a preconceived outcome.

    Check it out for yourself IF they release the Q&A (which I doubt)
  14. It's simple, don't fill in their fukn surveys!!! Petition these fukkers to come up with non preconceived questions. I've said it many times to boycott muarc and tac surveys yet you idiots never listen
  15. Sorry, I didnt mean to pick on you in particular Dazzler.

    But I do believe that the motorcycling community has a general attitude about these things that makes it near impossible for them to work constructively with the only organisations who are powerful enough to have any real effect on these tolls.
  16. MUARC does do research and publishes results that will help your cause....if you can get hold of them.

    The issue is that of the 10 research reports that they might produce the police pick the one research paper that SUIT THEIR AGENDA and will be backed by government.

    The research that the cops want published are then given to newspapers to support their operations.

    Smee is right though and it should be in the motorcyclist code of conduct....never ever do surveys. Even if it appears innocent enough....don't do them.

    The MRA should make that rule number one. Something of a pirate code for motorcyclist.
  17. ^^ Exhibit A
  18. With regards to the opening post, it's all rather typical, isn't it. Been looking at the accidents in the last year, and a great deal of them do not appear to be speed related from what little we get in the news or on the road safety accident database.

    As always, the article and survey try to link the two at a superficial level: higher bikes deaths this year and more riders admit to speeding. Of course, anyone with half a brain neuron to fire will realise that bike riders attitude to speeding won't have suddenly changed in the last 12 months, if anything I see more riders behaving themselves at the speed limit than ever nowadays, and still all that can be focused on is speed.

    Load of shite. Riders die for many reasons. Excessive speed is but one of many factors, but fatigue and lack of rider skill/training appears to feature most prominantly is this year's fatalities.
  19. The survey itself is probably OK. Its that they compare us with drivers in general, which I would suggest is a very different demographic. We're not soccer Mums in SUV's driving from shopping centre to shopping centre.
  20. The article is attempting to associate this year’s accidents to excessive speed even though there is no evidence to suggest that the accidents were caused by excessive speed.

    The article states the number of registrations but it does not state the number of licences.

    In the end it just strengthens the case that speed cameras, fines and reduced speed limits have failed.

    It’s a fairly poor article by this Reid Sexton. The Age usually has a higher standard of reporting.