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Vic Motorcycle Council are you there? [Resolved]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidk, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    I joined (paid anyway) the Vic Motorcycle Council over 3 weeks ago and apart from getting a Paypal email to say that my money had gone through I have heard nothing back.
    I emailed them this Monday with no reply.

    Has anyone else experienced this or even managed to get some communication from them?

    (The reason I joined was that they offer roadside assist as part of the membership...so it seemed a good deal for $35.00)

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  2. Hi David,

    Please see my reply to your email. We are on it.

    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Secretary
  3. Thank you Jeremy...I received your email!
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  4. And solved!
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  5. It is probably worth noting that the VMC is staffed by volunteers that have their own jobs, family and life outside of motorcycle advocacy, I am told they even like to go riding at times :) So sometimes their replies may be delayed.
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  6. Duly noted Chris....thank you! (y)
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  7. I joined VMC with roadside assist and didn't see any place to enter my bike details or anything. Is that normal? Also couldn't figure out the number to call for roadside assist.
  8. They'll mail you a plastic card with the number and stuff on it.
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  9. Sadly the web shop is in desperate need of an update for the right price of zero.

    You can avoid the obligatory followup email asking for bike details if you forward your paypal email (confirming payment and membership) to victorianmotorcyclecouncil @ gmail . com (remove spaces), marked attn:Jeremy and include a little note with bike details, make, model, colour, year, name, address, phone. That will help the process.

    Thanks for joining the VMC. :)

    And yes, we do like going for rides... lol
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  10. Cool. Thanks for clarifying things.
  11. Hi Kumudu GunasekaraKumudu Gunasekara got your payment details and have sent you an email with what I need for your Road side assist.

    davidkdavidk As per my email I am chasing the card provider for an answer on where your card is.

    Jeremy Walton
    VMC Sectretary
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  12. Thanks for the quick response. I replied to that mail with the details.
  13. cheers Jeremy!
  14. I received my membership card yesterday (y)
    Thanks for your help Jeremy and Rob!
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  15. Mine should be coming soon as well.

    Thanks Rob and Jem!

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  16. hrmm I didn't know about this might have to take a look at their website and sign up :)
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  17. I received mine today. Thanks guys
  18. It's on specials plus you're joining something for a purpose as well.

    United we stand...
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  19. Received my card yesterday...names spelt wrong but not too different, I figure that shouldn't matter too much, lol. Everyone spells it wrong.
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