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Vic Motorcycle Awarness week ??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jem, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I noticed in another thread that the UK is having a ride to work day in June and that got me looking at what happens in Australia. I noticed that NSW has been running a Motorcycle Awareness week for some tiem and womdered if we should try and do the same in Vic.

    Just looking for opinions for the moment, has it been tried in Vic before, did it work is it worth doing etc...

    All input welcome.

    Thanks Jeremy
  2. We used to have it years ago, an initiative run by the mra at the time.
  3. Thanks Smee,

    Do you think it is worth trying to bring back?

    Reason I ask is I now ( Yes I know it took me a while ) know that the TAC is unlikely to listen to or change it's operation.

    Thought trying another tack might be worth exploring; if they will not listen perhaps we can go direct to the public but obviously it needs to be well done to make any real impact.

    Just exploring the idea for the moment but I have time available.

    Cheers Jeremy
  4. Worth doing - the week leading up to the GP is the best time - lots of bikes on the move heading down to the island.
  5. Ride to work day based on the UK model was tried (by a few) as little as two years ago - did not work at all.

    Charity runs (and the GP) seem to be the only things that get large numbers of participants. Might be better springboarding off those.
  6. I don't agree with the week before the gp as it is lost in its significance, it needs to be done separately and in a time independent of other events.
  7. If you can work out how to get thousands of riders into the one place any other way, then OK, but the best that's been done (in Vic) is a hundred or so on the Eastern Fwy over the anti-splitting laws. That worked, but only because it pissed off a couple of thousand cagers.

    The truth is, we're terrible at protesting (unlike the French) but pretty good at charity events and the fun stuff.

    I think Jem's post hints at taking a positive approach (?) rather than creating mayhem (not that I'm against mayhem :-w)
  8. lol Titus, yes was thinking about a positive approach but to be honest would not take much more to tip me over the edge into mayhem :D

    Anyway food for though for now, think I will keep thinking about it some more and then come back to his post with some more concrete ideas.

    Thanks guys
  9. titus is right in the sense that their protests had thousands of bike turn up.. and if all we could get is a 100 bikes.. its not going to make much of an impact.

    But jem i agree with you that a positive approach is better than a protest as such.. because it'll just get the wrong type of attention, if its possible to get thousands of motorcyclists to all behave and join in, without drawing negative attention it'll be good.

    but as soon as you get a bunch of people together, and people start showing off.. or doing illegal crap, the story will bypass the positives and focus on the negatives.
    for example doing monos and burnouts and speeding during a motorcycle awareness rally i guess.. won't help anyone's situation.

    Tbh its a good idea in theory, but to put it in practice and have everyone behave and make it a positive initiative... its going to be hard.
    I would happily join in if it was well thought out and would actually make a difference.
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  10. Yes, I think Smee is right.
    But maybe an awareness DAY, would be preferable. A week requires too much effort, and drivers will get sick of it.
    But a special day, could encourage riders who don't normally commute on their bikes, to give it a shot.
    Man, I'd love to see thousands on the Monash in Melbourne, filtering and cruising with the cars!

    There is absolutely nothing better than being 'seen'...presence!
    I'll ride!
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  11. Who said anything about protests????
  12. It's not a matter of riding en mass anywhere it's more using the city centre like fed square to highlight the cause ie motorcycling and its positive aspects.
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  13. Hi all,

    Some good feedback - thanks.

    I am on my phone so apologies for typos etc.

    I am deffinately thinking of it as an positive awareness idea not a protest.

    I am also thinking that it should be stand alone and not linked to other events. Just one day rather than a week could be a good start.

    I am also thinking that it will take at least 6 months if not more to plan and publise it to ensure it is well done with enough numbers. Understand that it will be hard to get people to participate let alone get some people with real credibility to be part of it.

    But like anything it has to start somewhere and someone has to be prepared to give it a go.

    I naively thought writing a few emails might make a difference ( still worth doing IMO) but I have now formed the conclusion that some bigger and more well thought out and organized things will need to happen.

    Thanks again for you thoughts.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  14. Needless to say Maurice Blackburn Lawyers will help support any initiative that propels the awareness of motorcyclists on to the public agenda in a positive fashion.
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  15. Thanks Adam.
  16. I think the key thing to think about if you get "ride to work day" back up and running is publicity. Previously it was marketed well to riders but as a group we don't tend to need our awareness of motorcycling raised.

    I can ride my bike to work anytime and doing so on ride to work day will achieve nothing if the wider population don't also know what day it is. Otherwise it's just a case of "Oh, Sean rode his bike in again. His arse looks great in leather."

    The problem as I see it is that TV and radio advertising can be expensive and the target demographic are the same people least likely to use social media.

    Well written press releases can go a long way to help. Most journalists will do anything for a story that involves no effort on their part. Getting talkback radio on board will also help. Some care needs to be taken with these people though so find out which presenters are likely to be supportive and have well prepared statements that focus on awareness and don't mention any of the naughty stuff that old fuddy duddies demonise bikes for.

    Good luck, I'm all for it. :) :)
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  17. But filtering isn't legal yet.. this is what i mean.. we all do it, and its a good skill to have but its not legal yet, the idea behind showing your presence is fantastic, if everyone behaves and doesn't speed,doesn't filter,doesn't do monos to show off, everyone wearing the correct gear..

    Basically show that we can abide by the law and we aren't the problem, and people should see the positive side to motorcycling and how we need people to realise that we are on the road, we have a voice.. and sick of people always blaming the rider.

    oh he was going 5ks over so that excuses the car not giving way and killing him.

    But to get a large group of people together for something like this and have everyone do the right thing is a big ask, it only takes one moron to do something stupid, and the media will focus on THAT negative rather than the actual idea or whatever.

    Yes we all filter,sometimes speed,sometimes not wear all the right gear (which isn't illegal i know)... but these are the things they're focusing on.

    To be able to be taken seriously and not get negative press, basically people would have to drive like their nana and behave themselves.

    Id like to think its possible.. but there is always one person to ruin it for everyone else, just take a look at the bloke squidding and not wearing his l plates, and texting on his bike.

    It was all over the news and news papers.. one motorcyclist makes one mistake and its front page, you never see a car driver on the front page who got caught talking on their phone and not wearing a seatbelt for example...

    That one mistake brings out all the negative aspects to do with riding, and the people who are naive and one sided jump on it and bring up all the other crap we do on the roads..

    So for this imitative.. to be a positive one, everyone has to do the complete opposite they would normally do, and abide by the law.

    or else its just going to be a shit fight of bad publicity about bikes again, and i'm sure everyone's sick of it already.
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  18. And this is exactly why these things never work or peter out into nothingness. Too much devils advocacy from the outset and too many what ifs. Focus on the positives and the negatives will take care if themselves.
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  19. I'm not trying to be negative i like the idea.. i'm just saying that to organise something like this and have a few people stuff it up, turns it from a positive initiative and something that would possibly benefit the motorcyclist fraternity.

    Into more bad press and more people having negative views about motorcyclists.. and get us nowhere.

    Not everyone is able to behave.. how many people have recently posted they've lost their licenses even though they could of prevented it.
    Lets say 1000 bikes turn up, how many of them are going to do something stupid to impress everyone..

    idno i like the idea in theory.. its just putting it in practice and not have it end up being bad press that could have been avoided. Thats my opinion.
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  20. :worthlesspics: