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(Vic) MotoGP & World Supers telecast @ Platinum Cafe.

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. For all that do not have Foxtel, and those that would like to watch the race with like-minded people, all of the Foxtel telecasts of the MotoGP & World Superbike races can be viewed @ the Platinum Cafe (also referred to as the diner) in Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne.

    I (or someone) will try to update this thread with start times prior to each telecast.

    Supers from Spain are on tonight, starting at 7.45pm, see ya's there.

    PS Hope you've reset you clocks ;-)
  2. Good work, J.O.
  3. I'll think I'll start coming down when I am free. Bit hard to predict it, Emma (my wife) has been fairly sick with morning sickness so most nights I'm nursing her whilst shes in bed and spending a lot of time vomiting... At least it's helping me pay her back for all the times she looked after me whilst I was in screaming (nerve pain) agony :D

    I watched Ant West ride today, good on him! :)
  4. There was only about 8 of us there on Sunday night, I expect a few more to start rolling up.
  5. Would have been 9, but I was coming home from Broadford.
  6. Yes, but I got there for the last 3 laps of the last race.
    Trying to do a uie through the booze bus ,cone mess, they had there was not good. You would think they could set them selves up a bit neater.
  7. Good to know, shame I didn't see the thread until this morning. Incidentally, who won?
  8. Jadey & I had planned on making it in but seeing how we had to stop in at her parents, ended up eating, getting comfy on the couch & took control of their Foxtel remote... well that was as far as we got :oops:

    Will try harder to make the next one!
  9. Haga won both.
  10. Who's coming down the diner at 3am on Monday morning to watch the GP? Remember Monday is a public holiday.
  11. What is Easter with out a bit of m/c racing? But I do not think I will make it back to Kenny by then.
  12. I will see if I can wake up or stay awake haha. Was hoping to go to a race day at PI...not knowing there was one on Monday and so didn't book myself in :(

    phong =P~
  13. Ok, Superbikes are on at the Platinum Cafe tonight, it's on Macauley Rd in North Melbourne, be there!
  14. 7.30 pm start of broadcast, race probably kicks off around 8pm??

    edit: motoGP is not tonight, damnit.
  15. I don't finish work until a bit before 10 - be all over by then?
  16. The foxtel goes until 1am, I'm told the broadcast order is
    1st wsbk race (live)
    1st wss (from tape)
    local race (from tape)
    2nd wss (live)
    2nd wsbk (live)
    or something like that?
    Can anyone confirm?
  17. I'm sure that they'll all be live, there is only one Supersport race, after the supersport race there is a long period until the 2nd Superbike race, they normally fill it with old Superbike races or some AMA or BSB.
  18. MotoGP and Superbikes are both on next Sunday.
  19. Thanks Johnny, can you tell I haven't watched the supers on foxtel much?

    Looks like I won't make it tonight, see you all next week instead maybe.
  20. I'll be there at 11.30pm tonight for the Supers, I only expect the die-hard enthusiasts to join me :wink: