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[VIC] MotoGP Sunday ride, Sun Oct 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Steve Quinn

    Leaving around 8:30 from Mcdonalds Yallambie, Lower Plenty road.

    Riding up and riding back the same day.

    Stopping at Cranbourne for snacks and fuel if required.

    All Welcome.

    Focus is on a safe trip and an enjoyable day.

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  2. I'de suggest buying your tickets before you come down. I've heard that they are expecting the walk up tickets to sell out early in the day....

    Also the speed cameras are already out and about in force.
  3. Thanks mate!

    Do you have any idea how many tickets will be a sell out?

  4. Sorry no idea about exact numbers. I'm working with one of the support services and found out about this from my boss.
  5. I rang Ticketeck and they said it should be fine to just turn up as there are heaps of tickets but there is a record crowd expected.

    Should be good! Looks like it just me and a mate at this stage but thats cool.

    Have a good one Piper
  6. Hi jfisher

    Its not too bad its pretty busy but this year it maybe different as they expect double the crowd than in previous years, however, its on the way back that is madness. people overtaking and flying up inside lanes. A spectacular sight but it is crazy stuff.

    Funny thing is there are not many accidents, maybe because its 90% bikes on the road?