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[VIC] Moto GP- Sun 10th Sept BBQ @ Moto Heaven

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. I don't know if this a breach of T&Cs. But I haven't had a good bollocking for a while, so we'll find out.

    On the recommendation of another netrider, I went and checked out Motoheaven in Brighton. Looking for a new lid. I had a chat with Adrian who seems to be the genuine deal. Nice guy!

    Anyhoo, he's opening his place up for a free BBq, tomorrow 10th @ 1:00pm for a 1:45 start. He has large screen projector and surround sound, although with the current layout, if too many people get down there, i don't think they'll get a viewing pozzy. BYO alchohol.

    I'm hoping to get down there and hook up with a buddy. All are welcome, so look me up.

    Cheers Scheff.

    If I've made a mistake posting this, please feel free to flame me.
  2. Hey Scheff, great idea. Thanx for organising it.
    Dave and I might get down there, if not, we will be watching it at home :grin:
    You haven't breached any T&C's cause it's only tomorrow. If you plan any event that is at least 2 days in advance, it would need to go into the calendar.

    Only thing is that it should have been put into the events section instead of general, which I have fixed up for you ;)