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[VIC] Mornington Peninsula Photoshoot Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by akaluke, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. Ride Class: 3 - see calendar for Ride Class descriptions[/I]

    Ride briefing at Elwood BP - Sunday 14th March - 1.30pm for departure at 2pm.

    This is a ride down to the Mornington Peninsula to get nice some photos of your bike.

    The ride will be lead by a photographer and have several photographers in attendance. We will have several stops at scenic locations on the peninsula.

    It won't be a fast paced ride because the leader will be looking for photo ops!

    Bikes will be moved into scenic positions and the photographers will take photos - production line style!

    Bring your camera!

    Even if you don't bring your camera, there will be plenty of others who will take photos of your bike for you.

    I will bring my camera gear (a Canon 40D DSLR and a couple of lenses) and take photos of everyone's bike at each location. Later, I will perform some basic Photoshop magic and email at least one high-res image to each participant.

    We will get mostly static shots but there may be an opportunity to get bikes leaned over coming into corners.

    The ride will finish in the CBD at dusk for some city light shots.

    So clean up your bike, charge your camera batteries and wish for good photography weather.

    I've listed it as a "Class 3" ride - it should not be a tough ride.
    It will be a longish day, but there will be plenty of stops.
    The ride will be corner marked. No one will be left behind.

    Learners are very welcome.

    If you can travel at the speed limit on open roads and negotiate bends at advisory speeds - you should be fine. There may be some freeway time.
  2. great idea- did one on tues nite ride ages ago against graffiti back drop.
    BUT the 28th is superbikes weekend at phillip island --cant make it and lots of bikes and riders will be up that way also!! 8-[
  3. bugger im away :(
  4. Sounds good count me in
  5. Oh..... was keen to do this but Phillip Island will be calling that weekend. So sorry, no can do!!!
  6. Rescheduled to 14th of March to avoid Superbike Weekend and Jindabyne
  7. Good work!!

  8. I'm in Luke will bring my littl video camera along.
  9. I might make an effort to attend, ive been slack with my netrider social duties and only ever been to one ride.

    Plus its the weekend before i get married, will be my last chance to do something fun as a bachelor lol
  10. awesome..now im in again :)
  11. I may well make that one. Whats the chances of finding out when you may be around Morno or even Franga for any of us to hook up with the main group down this way?

    Cheers and a great idea.

  12. I would like to be in on this, I have a Canon EOS 300D but still learning how to get the best out of it, I can bring along a tripod if needed... (cruisers and saddlebags, you gotta love em)
  13. Count me in too. Any place we can join up near south east melbourne? Wich route u taking?
  14. I'm down like a fat kid on a seesaw.

    Will put my hand up to help with ride organisation, TEC'ing, etc...

    Big (y) to luke, this is a great idea... :)
  15. Cos I'm way too bored at work I've thrown together a couple of potential spots - thoughts? You can StreetView most spots to have a gander yourself...

    Photo Locations?
  16. At this stage, I think we'll be heading from St Kilda, down Beach Road, then Nepean through Frankston. We could do a pickup in Frankston.

    Re the Photo location Urbansloth - awesome!

    Now find me some spots with:
    grass to park the bike on and no fences, concrete, buildings, roads, paths, etc...behind the bike ;)

    Sunday I'm heading down to scout in person.
  17. Those are top spots!
  18. Luke, this is a top idea and I am looking forward to joining in, (already had wifeeee sign my leave app)

    Can I suggest one of the wineries for a photo shoot, I know the Hickinbotham Winery in Dromana is bike friendly as they host the Hicks Rally every year.

    Even if they charged us a small fee, everyone could put in before the ride started, perhaps use it as a lunch stop, or just spend a couple of bucks at the Cellar Door...

    I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions and a good sized turn out.. I for one am looking forward to it.

  19. ...duplicate post...
  20. I'm down as a tentative (highly likely though).