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[VIC] Mornington Peninsula 250 ride, Sat Oct 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rob

    Hello all,

    If you have a 250 and want to get together and ride with others, please feel free to come along.

    It will be a nice, calm ride through some great roads, and the weather is looking fantastic.

    NOTE: riders who are complete n00bs and...

    ... more

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  2. ok, so from looking at the last page on https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43343&start=30, we have the following people confirmed as going:

    - SHEPPO
    - v0lcan0
    - sarz
    - cha_chaos.
    - rob_ (yes sheppo, i've cracked)
    - VCM
    - danielle
    - slickncghia (50/50)
    - speedhump (50/50)

    that thread is now locked, so anyone interested in coming along, please post in this thread. it will be awesome weather, and its a cracking ride. :grin:

    could those listed above please either make a post or pm me to confirm that they are coming? some put their hands up three weeks ago, and may have forgotten... dont want to be waiting for a rider who wont arrive...

    cheers :grin:
  3. it is going to be very hot..
    hrmm.. looks like i be getting that summer jacket early :)
  4. wicked news Rob! i'm glad i dont have to lead, hahahaha.

    i'll try and convince Vinnie (VCM) to come along on his new toy (hornet 250)!

    weather is perfect, will be warm so ditch the jacket liners!

    see you all on saturday, will be good to meat some new faces. :)
  5. Just confirming ...I'll be there :)
  6. ill be a 50/50 not sure if im working yet,but if not il see you guys at the royal
  7. Hey mate .. I'm trying my best to put off a couple of jobs, wont book any work in Saturday.. so its a 50/50% chance I'll be along. I'll SMS you tonight if I can make it. ( meet as per your PM )

    Damn I hope I qualify as a non-noobie, I was just getting comfy with the SL250... my hornet and I have only been going out 2 weeks now, slowly getting used to the different style and weight.
    So If you lot see me 'wobble' or stopping awkwardly ..
    ..please dont :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    us older guys take a while to get our act together :p

    Hope to see you all
  8. hmm. if i dont hit the town to big tonight i might come along :cool:
  9. haha. keep the booze to a moderate level and come along! :grin:
  10. I'm there!
  11. Count me IN :woot:
  12. So who else is in for this? I'll be there.
    Good news is the forecast is down from 31 to 29.
  13. ok, everyone who is in, we will wait for (within reason). if anyone else wants to come along, we aim to leave at 11! perfect day for it!

    catcha all there! :grin:
  14. What a great day guys! The weather was so nice even the bugs decided to join us on our cruise :shock:

    See yas all next time

    - Dan
  15. awesome day for a cracking ride. plenty of bugs just meant that we got our required protein intake along with all the vitamin d from the sun! mmm, crunchy...

    you were a great group to ride with, and a laugh at lunch too. i hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the route, and i look forward to doing that one again sometime! :grin: :grin:
  16. Nice ride Rob, thanks for leading that one. :)
  17. Thanks Rob & SHEPPO and the rest of you guys for a great day !
    This was my FIRST group ride :woot:
    To be honest, it was my FIRST real attempt at some twisties and decent corners. I feel I have improved >> gone from absolutely HOPELESS and :eek:hno: shitless when approaching corners, to 'Having portential to make it around in one piece' :p
    Learning to point with chin and lean WITH the bike was something I gotta get used to.

    Was an exceptional day, great weather, awesome route, and a terriffic bunch on people to go riding with.
    I really got alot out of it, as well as having a ball. What I enjoyed almost as much as the ride itself was the attitude of everyone on the ride. ie No smartasses, No rossi wouldbe's, and the only criticism passed around was helpful and constructive.

    Thanks Guys !!! :p

    (Added later)
    P.S I dunno about the rest of you guys,, but I would LOVE a copy of the video ...
  18. yeah i had a great time! thanks for all who came along, even the ZX14 with about 5 and a half times more capacity than the rest of us :LOL:, and Rob for the route and leading, made my day easier!!

    my highlights were:

    1) the bandit now has seen just over XXX km/h thanks to rob for the slipstream and slingshot...... kinda needed with only 45hp!

    2) everyone's attitude! a great bunch of people to ride with, and look foward to another ride with you all!

    3) the red HSV ute on the way home, first set of lights he took off and left me and Vinnie (we werent trying), then the next set we both killed him! hahahaha

    4) the WEATHER!!!!

    catch yas!

    edited: to keep netrider users looking respectable and law following citizens :)
  19. lucky we only have to look responsible, rather than be it! your welcome for the slipstream mate, and np with leading the ride. sounds like a great time was had by all, must do it again asap! :grin: :grin:
  20. Hey guys.. delayed response from me (oops) but here are a few pics from the day: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=11339&l=836b3&id=515712123

    (you do not need facebook to view the album).

    It was fun & would love to do the ride again! *looks to Rob* :p

    I'll tell Drew we all want to see the video, he doesn't use the forums much I dont think.