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VIC - Mornington Commute Times

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sloth, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Dullest topic ever but:

    Anyone live down near mornington/Mt eliza and commute on their bike to the CBD?

    Just trying to get an idea on commuting times around fairly standard office hours (9 to 5), before making a decision to up-stumps.

    Otherwise I guess I'll have to get up early one morning to trial it out :shock:

  2. I used to come from Flinders.... took me about 2 hours to get into the city, so I left at 6.30. Hope that helps!
  3. I think Matti-San does???
  4. I commute on my bike from Frankston.

    It really depends on a couple of things. What time you planning on leaving? Are you an aggressive lane splitter?

    If I'm on day shift (8am-6pm) I leave at 6:30am and arrive at work (Richmond) at about 7:10 - 7:15 (I shower and eat breaky at work).

    I go Frankston freeway > Springvale rd > Westall > Blackburn > Monash > Yarra bld exit

    On the way home I go Nepean hwy as the other way is gridlocked and hard work to lane split in some spots, plus everyone is out to kill you on the Monash when moving slow.

    It takes me about 50-55 minutes door to door.

    Your right, this is a dull topic. :grin:
  5. http://snipurl.com/23cgy [maps_google_com]
  6. :sick:

    If you're heading down the Napean; Leaving Elsternwick at 8am it takes me about 30-40 minutes (depending on how much filtering I do) to the middle of the CBD...

    Also, I find Marine/Beaconsfield Parade to be a more pleasant ride from Elsternwick on. Less merging traffic and more free flowing once you're past St. Kilda etc...
  7. Hey mate,
    I live in mornington, right near the racecourse. I go up bungower, onto the moorooduc hwy, leading onto the mornington peninsula fwy then up springvale road then onto westall road, onto black burn road then onto the monash. All in all, it takes about an hour to an hour and 15 mins, assuming you lane split.

    Hope this helps,

  8. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds do-able and good to get some real-world input -- can't trust these route calculators all the time you know

  9. No! I had to go into Brighton one day, from Broadford. Route calc told me it'd take an hour and thirty. It didn't take into account the car park on the ring road or city link... took me two and a half hours!
  10. We must be neighbors. Its takes me only 1hr 10min in the car from there to Carlton leaving at 6.30am.

    I was thinking of riding into town but i dont think its worth it...
  11. We could be :)

    Hey and if any of you guys are thinking of riding into the city, or going for a ride. Let me know, could be good :)
  12. Howdy neighbour, I live just down the road, corner Racecourse and Craigie Roads and have done this route but much prefer straight up Nepean Hwy, St Kilda Rd and left into Flinders. Bad traffic and weather 1 hour and 30 mins, good traffic and good weather then 1 hour and 10 minutes. Sometimes at night I go the backway, straight down the South Eastern, then Dandenong Flinders Road and then Bungower, no traffic [ie after 7:30pm] 1 hour door to door!

    OH yes and to achieve these times you need to lane split, if you don't then it takes as long as a car.
  13. Yeah sometimes I can get home pretty quickly when I'm coming home from nightshift at 2am ;)
  14. Spot on Dan and jimmy, the time of the day is the crucial bit. If you can arrive in the CBD before 8:00am and leave after 6:00pm you will miss most of the traffic. I did it for two years and now catch the train, I miss riding but not every day regardless of weather. I had no choice as I only had a bike and no car. I am now between bikes and miss it :cry:
  15. My old man commutes to the north-side of Melbourne from Mt Eliza. Takes about an hour on the bike. If he doesn't ride he takes the car down to Frankston station and trains it in. It's not a pleasant car trip. :p

    When I've done it, I've found it takes a little over an hour from Mt Martha to get to the CBD on a bike - again, much longer in the car: up to two hours. It does depend on how frequently you filter through the stationary traffic though. :p
  16. Today was the first time in ages that I got onto the Monash before 8:45am near Dandenong. The traffic was horrendous. Took me an hour even though I was weaving in and out sporadically. How the hell do these people in cars cope? I'd be going ape if I had to put up with that traffic every single morning. Mind you, the trains are no better. Can't wait until I start working and commuting in the opposite direction.

    I know I don't live in Frankston, but thought I should mention that it took me almost an hour on the freeway. Splitting lanes would've made it a lot quicker.
  17. Firefling it takes me a little over an hr to get from Tooradin (where I stop for coffee) to Swinburne uni in Prahran.

    There's no way I'd be doing it if I didn't have a bike.