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[VIC] Morning ride to the spur (1/2 day ride), Sat Feb 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Stewy

    Ok got the morning free, so will be leaving Mobil, cnr stud and wellington road @9.00am, heading via beaconsfield, gembrook, reefton (as long as i remember the way), then a lap or 2 of the spur then heading home via some other roads (time dependent)


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  2. Perfect! I can come straight down wellington rd.
    I'll be there.
  3. another clayton fella ay? i might see if i can make it. but its a big night on fri...and that didnt work out well last weekend if anyone saw that thread lol
  4. Count me in, I haven't done Reefton yet.

    Catch ya all then.
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  6. Yeah i read that. Don't worry, i'm not a total noob. I've just recenlty got my new bike, but i've been riding for three months now, nearly off my L's.
    I should be fine as long as you are gonna travel at the speed limit? I'm comfortable with cornering etc.
    If you still think i'll be a hassle just let me know and i'll go my own way.
  7. nope, if you feel you fit in the ride class you are more then welcome to come along :)

    There has been a recent blitz on bikes in the Yarra Ranges area. 65 infringement notices were issued and 4 bikes impounded under hoon laws on one day.
    There will be four more blitz days between now and winter one of those days is believed to be this weekend (16/17 Feb).
    Be very, very careful about speed limits especially on the Spurs and Wellington Road. If your front wheel goes into the air or your rear wheel spins your bike will be being trailered to a Police station and you will be walking for some time.
  9. I wouldn't class myself as an intermediate rider, simply because i don't have much experience. Would it be ok if i did the first section of the ride to see how i go relative to the rest of the group, and then if i felt ok to keep going?
    I don't want to be a PITA, if i'm too slow (or not coping) then i'll just head home :LOL:
  10. cheers for heads up mate, will keep that in mind

    (ps. not sure what sort of bike you ride but i believe both my wheels spin, i thought all bikes did actually :LOL: :p j/k mate, i know what you mean

    wentworth, you are more then welcome to join for part of the ride if you only want to do that. :)
  11. Cheers. I'll see you at 9am then
  12. be carefull, there is loads of police activity up there at the moment, it was so bad last time I was up there I'll be giving the spurs a wide berth for a while :(
  13. ok change of plans, all you bastards have spooked me, ride will still be going ahead, think i will just head else where to play location undecided, but will still involve twisties.....still same time frame, call it a mystery ride :LOL:
  14. With that location of yours listed on your profile Stewy, I wouldnt worry too much about impounding ya wheels matey :grin:
    Getting so we cant have a fang anywhere's now days :?

    Oh btw-I ended up being too hungover from Loz's party for last Sunday's :woot: so ya didnt miss nuttin :wink:
  15. :p yeah ok, well i am mostly safe of not having it taken away from hanging wheelies any time soon.....

    as for sunday :shock: , didn't think you actually had that much.....to leave you with a hangover.....

    So shall you be joining us.... or shall i just call once we are out and about having a ball and remind you of what your missing :p
  16. Yes it was a rather weird hangover. Didnt feel sick per say, but shocking headache lasted to a record 8.15pm.
    As for joining you, we moving all the big stuff into new house this weekend, so that would be a negatory there stewy. :cry:
    Pull a mono for me buddy :grin:
  17. dam i was really lookn forward going to the black spur, well count me in for a ride anyway tomorrow hope you are all still going. This will be my first ride with fellow netrider members :)
  18. looking forward to meeting you frank (and others!). It'll be my 2nd ride (after the mystery ride last night).
  19. Great few roads we took on Saturday.
    From Rowville, through Gembrook, Yarra Junction, Noojee to Mt Baw Baw.

    Stewy, thanks for organising it was definately one to remember.

    It was great to meet a few people who I hadn't seen before.
    Wentworthmeister, it was great to meet you and I hope the early split off from the ride doesn't deter you from coming along to rides down the track.
    Karle, it was a pleasure to meet you too. Let me know what your username is on here and I'll send you the photo's of the bike and the particular piece of road.

    The ride was full of action from start to finish and included a few "Oh Sh1t" moments for many of us. I myself had 2 "Oh Sh1t" moments, the first of which was just after Tanjil Bren, halfway between Noojee and Mt Baw Baw. I was taking a left handed hairpin that was signposted at 20km/h and had tipped in nicely when my peg dug into the ground, I nearly highsided but recovered. I then tipped back in to try and keep myself from running off the road but I then nearly lost control and lowsided. Somehow I managed to keep it on the road and upright but if I had had the time I reckon i would have sh@t my dacks. Needless to say I backed off for a while til I got my composure back.

    My next "Oh Sh1t" moment came about 2km's from the summit where a combination of factors made me missjudge where the road was going (it did a left had hairpin turn whilst I thought it went straight). I ran off the road and onto a cutout but somehow managed to keep the bike upright. Karle, who was a few seconds behind me misjudged the corner too and unfortunately lowsided his bike.

    From a brief conversation I had with Karle yesterday it appears that he had dislocated his collarbone (but I'll leave further details to Karle to update should he chose to add them).

    On our return trip to Rowville and only 5 mins from our destination Stewy and I got caught up in the coppers blitz on bikes. Both of us were up for the regulation RBT, licence and rego checks as well as a brief chat with the cops. Luckily for Stewy we got a nice pair of coppers and he was let off without a ticket for the "27 counts of fail to indicate a lane change" :shock: :grin:
    I don't think I've seen someone so relived in a very long time.
  20. Haha nice writeup MadStu.
    Thanks for having me for the first bit, i was able to keep up for the most part (except when i got stuck behind a car and blind corners ensured no overtaking), but just felt a little outa my league :wink:
    The bike was chattering like crazy, so much so that i was starting to lose clarity of vision in some parts :shock: . i think the suspension needs adjusting somewhat!
    I turned around ealry cos i felt i was riding slightly outa my comfort zone, and didn't wanna push my luck too far. Also i thought you guys would probably want to up the pace as we went. However i had a great ride, and especially enjoyed the trip back, where i could ride at a slightly more comfortable pace and really start enjoying the corners, instead of just holding on for dear life :shock:
    Sorry to hear about Karle's off, i hope ur okay mate!
    I look forward to building some confidence and joining in on more group rides in the future.
    Cheers :cool: