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[VIC] Morning Blat - TWO (Electric Boogaloo), Wed 1st Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by carver, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. [VIC] Morning Blat - TWO (Electric Boogaloo), Wed 1st Nov 2006

    > Emerald, Pakenham Upper, Gembrook, Launching Place,
    > Healesville, Kinglake, St Andrews, Blackburn (Box Hill)

    Meeting Point;
    - cnr Belgrave-Gembrook Rd & Kilvington Dr
    - (opposite Post Office; near Commonwealth Bank)
    - MEL-127-E5

    - 8:15am; Fuel/Breakfast/Greetings
    - 8:30am; Leave/Depart/Vamoose

    Weather Forecast;
    > Melbourne Metropolitan Forecast

    Class 3: Intermediate;
    - At speed-limits through open sections,
    - near and at speed-limits (where possible/appropriate) through windy sections.
    - Forest sections and twisties.
    - Regular turn-offs.
    - 150-300km distance with approx.
    - 50-80km between stops.

    Ride Leader;
    - carver

    - TBA (most likely it will be me as well)
  2. Carver, Jypt and I are coming through that way about a half are after you to do a sighting run, and check out some secondary roads below Cardinia Reservoir.
    Then we're heading from Launching Place, Woori Yallock to Healesville to hook up with Cathar + others about 10ish. have you only got the morning or can you come and play.

  3. Re: [VIC] Morning Blat - TWO (Electric Boogaloo), Wed 1st No

    heya Scheff,
    yep, i only have the morning to play,
    otherwise i would definitely join you guys.

    have a great ride.
  4. Yeh you too mate, maybe next time.