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[Vic] More insanity

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Why aren't these guys garbaged bagged at birth? :roll:

    Radical plan to drive cars from key roads


  2. Yeah, that'll work :roll:
  3. i actually see this as a bit of a positive move, with scooter sales booming i reckon these new plans of removing cars in flavor of smaller vehicles could help introduce and prompt the use of scooters and bikes....
  4. As a rider in Sydney, my first instinct is to be angry about that... but Melbourne's public transport is a darn sight better than ours, so perhaps they could pull it off.
  5. Anyone who takes High St now instead of other routes needs their head looked at clearway or not. :eek:
  6. So there will be less cars on the road, with more people catching public transport, walking and riding bikes (both kinds)? More people will live closer to work and work closer to home?

    Now that's just begucking ridicules.
  7. Ignoring the fact that the main street of Bendigo is also the McIvor Highway and is already a ridiculous bottleneck for traffic. Ballarat-Echuca can take up to 4 hours, two hours of which is just the 15kms getting from one side of Bendigo to the other.
    Can't wait to see what a heavily laden semi with a driver that's been on the road for several hours will make of a lack of traffic lights and signage :shock: (bad enough even with traffic lights).
  8. Currently the Train lines out that way run at capacity during peak hour, and in the evening the number of cancelled services is ridiculous. So exactly how are all of those people who are no longer using the roads going to travel?
    Any one who has spoken to me or seen my responses to PPs normal drivel will know I have something of a green demeanour. But increasing congestion without adding an alternative is not the answer, in fact it just means more people sitting in idling cars for longer and makes the whole problem worse.
  9. Come down and try it for yourself. Not only is it more than twice as expensive as Sydney (privatised y'see) but it's damn near impossible to actually get onto one of the f%^&ers in rush hour, especially in the northern suburbs!
    Great idea. Force people out of cars and onto train platforms where they wait forever for a train that isn't already packed to the gills. Only yesterday I heard the state government admit it had no plans to substantially invest in public transport in the next 20 years.
    And yeah, I can just see granma's and families with toddlers all bringing home their weekly shop on the back of a friggin' bicycle.
    I'm not against reducing car usage per se, but Vicroads has the final say and it needs to stomp on these goddam DINK hippie roaches at Darebin Town Hall - NOW!
  10. I like it. Fewer cars, fewer fat lazy bastards, less polution, less idiot noise. Sounds good.
  11. And with all those pedestrians around - more targets :twisted: :twisted:

    OK I think it's not a bad idea, not a good idea but an idea at least. At the very least it will spark a debate and boy we do need to do something about melb's transport now the gubbament is going to release 90,000 more blocks of land!

  12. I love the quote: "It's about moving people, not cars".

    What do these wally's think? That the cars move themselves?

    They've got it ass-backwards.

    Improve the public transport services first before you start restricting the alternatives. The reasons why cars are so popular is because the public transport alternatives are SO unattractive in comparison to driving a car.

    The rising cost of fuel has driven public transport system user numbers sky high and the system is already strained to breaking point under the weight, and now these jokers want to start making it even more difficult to get around? It'll just spell the death of the community unless there is sufficient local commercial opportunities to service the employment needs of the community, which for many of these suburbs, simply isn't true.
  13. I had the misfortune to catch a train recently for the first time in about 2 years. It was in rush hour and I was on the to physio so I had crutches etc. I couldn't even get on the first 2 x trains that arrived at Footscray station!!! To make matters worse, the following train was cancelled and I was almost an hour late to my appointment.:evil:

    I remembered then why I bought a motorbike.

    Melbournes public transport is a disgrace and trying to push more people onto it will NOT work.


    and having lived in Sydney, I'd much rather prefer their PT to Melbourne's any day of the week!
  14. Flux, you are 100% right.

    What these jokers need to be doing is encouraging small-medium scale business and industry within the area, so that people can work close to home. Not doing what the state government does, assuming that everyone works in the CBD. Not surprising considering they are dominated by the same party apparatchiks. I wonder what the traders in High street think about all this? If I had a business there, I'd be thinking about packing up now.

    At the same time as this is happening, the self same council is cheering about how the have forced the closure of the paper mill in Heidelberg Road, and pushed them interstate. Somebody else's problem, now.

    And no serious commitment to public transport at any level from the Australian Privatisation (nee Labor) Party.It's funny how somehow (nowadays) the only way for councils to "help the environment" is to increase fees and fines!
  15. In one way they are, these kind of "malls" encourage cafe life and you can never have too many baristas!

    But let someone try and open anything "light industrial" and they have to troo p off to the outer burbs.
  16. Why am I not surprised that the plans do not include purchasing a shit load more buses, trains and trams. :roll: They never do.
  17. More trains? Nup, it's pointless because connex can't even make the trains they have work properly. Until connex can figure out how to get a train from point A to point B without breaking down 400 times between those points, asking people to use them is a waste of energy. Why would I take a train when I know full well that it will be stupidly late, thus make me look unprofessional and get me eventually sacked. That's if the bloody train turns up at all.
  18. And why wold they bother if the Government just renews their contract anyway. Far better for them from a business point of view to just leave small numbers of people stranded at stations than put on an extra train/carriage.
  19. This is Northcote - The City of Darebin makes the Peoples Republic of Moreland (our council) look positively conservative. :LOL:

    My favourite comment on Northcote was from Red Symons - he called it the Zuyder Zee.. (because it has lots of dykes :twisted:
  20. Maybe it's worth looking at who is promoting this particular project. The local Darebin council want to all-but-close one or more major arterial thoroughfares. But, by definition, it doesn't have the authority to do that. Arterial roads come under the control of Vicroads in Melbourne.

    Now Darebin have submitted this as a draft policy document and I've got no doubt that most of the Labour Party hacks that make up this council are idealogically behind the idea. But how come they've even gone this far knowing that it's not their decision to make in the end?

    This kind of thing has happened before. Plans to throttle St Kilda Road were knocked over almost instantly by the State government only a few weeks ago. Moreland's mayor tried to close the whole length of Sydney Road, until they jumped on him, too. (Saved his life, I reckon - you're bad for business, ya sleep wid da fishes in Moreland :LOL: ).

    But the State government is (so far) letting Darebin run with this. Maybe they're testing the water to see if the public rise up and slaughter the Darebin mob before they decide to make it official state policy to strangle every urban thoroughfare in the name of the environment. No risk to Brumby or Lynne Kosky if it doesn't come off, and they still doen't have to do anything about public transport.

    We shall see.