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[Vic] More Eastlink Motorcycle toll stuff.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by rod, May 10, 2008.

  1. Hi Topkat,

    Just get onto the Tulla and go over the Bolte bridge, takes you straight there.

    {Mod: Split from the Vic 18th May ride thread}


  2. This may sound well....

    Is the Tulla a toll way over the bolte bridge, just i never go that way and i haven't for years.... :roll: " a creature of comfort the wife says. :oops:
  3. Topkat, yes it is, but not an issue of course if you are on the bike.
  4. Okay so excuse my ignorance here but can they charge bike by their plate or is there no way to charge us on a toll way :oops:

    Or do we fall under this :p
  5. At the present moment there is no charge for bikes to use citylink.

    It is planned to charge bikes on Eastlink at some stage and I think there are plans to introduce bike tolls on Citylink, once they get the system working on Eastlink.
  6. Another reason to love riding.

    Sorry for using this tread to learn this :)

    Thank you fellow riders :grin:
  7. The bike toll on Eastlink is half the car price.
    There are no etags for bikes, you will have to pay via a credit card direct debit system. The prices and full details are on Eastlinks web site for anybody who is interested.

    Eastlink and Citylink are run by two different companies with different systems. "Getting it working" on Eastlink does not neccessarily mean that Citylink will be able to use the same system or that they will charge for bikes.
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  9. yeah i plan to use it for the first 4 weeks, then i will head back to the major roads and continue to split like i always do....the government can go fcuk itself :evil:
  10. Fixed that for ya...

    And the public will continue to be bent over and rogered by this disgraceful government/private partnership until the end of days - all in the name of one government wanting infrastructure without the cost of it eating into their budget deficit and making them look like they've spent it all.

    Of course, now instead of a government toll that would pay for the roadwarks and then be revoked, we now have a ridiculously high private toll that will never be revoked. And the government will probably end up paying just as much out of public coffers to get the work finished after the private consortium blows out its budget as it would have to build the f*cking road in the first place.

    So instead of one government spending cash to build infrastructure, it passes that burden onto the next government, and the taxpayer takes it in the hershey both from the taxman AND the pricks who run the private consortium.

    Did anyone hear on the news the other day - the roadworks on the Monash will continue until 2010, and the project has gone 40% over its billion-dollar budget. That's 400 f*cking million dollars. Guess who gets to pick up THAT tab?
  11. I can't understand how governments require so much money to to such simple projects, it they were a private company they would of gone bust a long time ago.... why aren't people held responsible like in the private sector?
  12. 4 weeks sounds just long enough to get a good sample on commuting times. When I find out I'm saving 3 minutes for $5, I'll tell them where to stick it. :p