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[vic] More dangerous WRB's

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Saw these today driving from Broadford to Kyneton, and thought about the 'dangerous' one's on wastelink. These have sharp edges that the wastelink ones don't even have.


  2. This is getting beyond a fecking joke :evil:

    How quick does ya think we could angle grind though em?
  3. Grinder?

    Bugger that, all you need is a 4X4 or a car with a bull bar. Line them up and nail it, bend them a few times and they will soon get the message.
  4. i know it's wishful thinking, but surely there would be an outer shell, or similar treatment, that is attached after the wires are passed through :?
  5. They are supposed to be capped and they are at least rounded off. These are actually superior to the EastLink ones when they are capped and finished off. Eastlink have square posts, protruding hooks and eyes and very nasty end treatments.
  6. Yeah, that looks so much more dangerous than this:

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. I'm with you, Andrew.
    I don't think WRB's should quite be the ZOMG! issue it is:

    You crash :arrow: you get hurt.

    But I also know that the force of an impact is dissipated over an area.
    In this instance, the greater the surface area a rider hits; the more likely they are to get away with bruising rather than broken bones [or decapitation if we listen to the wowsers].

    --> The wider the barrier you hit, the better. Concrete is better than Armco. Armco is better than a steel cable.

    But if the government is going to use the 'safety' and 'sanctity of human life' line to fine and levy us to the tune of how many $million per week?
    Then they can farking-well install the barriers that motorcycle lobby groups prefer; and shove the issue of cost up their arse.
  8. there is something about us nswelshman. we all tend to agree that the WRB's arent as horrifically dangerous as they are made out to be (only in comparison to other alternative barriers). we have shitloads of them too.
    maybe we are just all hard bastards....
  9. Far worse than WRB posts are the metal chevron signs - especially on roundabouts. There's been 5 people horrifically killed on these (at not even stupid speeds) over the past year or so in Vic - including arms severed and at least one decapitation from the sharp edges.

    Now they are testing frangible and rubberised ones in Victoria - thanks to the MRA push over the past couple of years (and in particular Dale Maggs work) with a view to changing over in the long term.

    Having said that, the WRB posts - and especially the end treatments - on EastLink are stunningly bad. The posts are open and the protruding bolts make them very nasty.
  10. MRA (vic) should pay me, including 5 star accommodation, to perform an independent audit of these roads. i have the creds......but not the time :(
    downer would probably sack me though, for moonlighting :LOL:
  11. I don't have an issue with WRB's as I have made clear. I do agree with the installation of them being marginal in many cases.
    The obvious problem is you have to build a barrier that caters for the vast majority of traffic, and unfortunately, bikes are not that vast majority. Personally, given the current options, I'd rather see concrete barriers everywhere........
    ALL barriers need refinement, and I also agree with you with regards individual roadside signs. I don't know why galvanised steam pipe is stil used, can't we use lighter gauge rolled sheet steel posts, something that would be strong enough to withstand the wind loads, but would easily deform.
    The sheetmetal industry could easily stand up and design something, they already do specialised roled sections for building construction.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. I have to say, my main beef with WRB's is, why the hell are they popping up EVERYWHERE! On straight sections of road? On sections of road that have NEVER had an accident? On sections of road that previously didn't need a barrier at all, but suddenly now do? I think pricktoads have bought X km's of the stuff that they need to place or get in the shit from someone.
  13. I'm with Triway.

    On a recent ride to Bendigo and a drive to Horsham it looks like the local councils have either gotten a grant from WRB people, a quote from their legal insurance people or a dark message from the tree people because entire lengths of tree breaks now have WRB along them.

    Maybe it is the same people that have convinced council to put up signs saying Avoid Overhanging Trees.