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[VIC] More about speed enforcement and the consequences

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,,24930449-662,00.html has a story about the rising number of unpaid court orders... and guess what... more enforcement is coming...

  2. So in the past they haven't paid their fines, whereas now it will be, haven't paid their fines and their rego. Tiptop.
  3. Does anyone else see the similarities???

    Mafia: Pay the protection money or else!!!

    Gvt: Pay our extortion ... err ... revenue ... or else!!!

    Bullies are the same no matter what they call themselves ... and no matter where they work or whatever position of power they hold ;)
  4. Yeah coming from NSW I couldn't believe it when my wife got done for 64 in a 60 zone. What a joke.
  5. +1

    What's the difference between the Governuts and a mugger?

    A mugger uses a gun.
  6. so the way i read that is, instead of having a lot of unpaid fines, we are going to end up with half the cars on the roads not being register and same with drivers...where do they come up with these idea's :roll:
  7. Never have I seen our states' streamlined system of profiteering, by making justice economically inaccessible to the common public, so blatantly referred to.

    Mr Clark is a piece of shit.

    I hope he gets cancer and dies.
  8. and if they are unregistered, that means no third party injury insurance coverage right? And a higher propensity to run which leads to more accidents and more third parties injured - who now won't be covered...... great thinking.
  9. which will in turn lead to more enforcement problems, and harsher penalties and away we go again.

    A whole new generation of criminals is being created, and for what?
    It's a bloody shambles when your Mother is going to have a longer criminal record you do. Least she'll stop wagging her finger.
  10. Incorrect in Victoria. They won't get any loss of earnings payouts unless they are still unfit for work after 18 months. Medical expenses are covered as far as I understand.

    They've thought of everything you see!
  11. this all could be avoided if people took responsablity of there own actions and pay the consquences..

    no excuese.. if u speed u run the risk of getting caught.. its pretty friggen simple.. if u want to use the governments roads to help u get from place to place u abide by there rules.. if not walk on the grass or something.

    just like if u go to someones houese.. u follow there rules..

    rant over,
  12. Except if you read the article, the inability to register your car isn't tied to a motoring offence.

    Don't pay a parking fine? Don't agree with that council fine? Tough, better pay up or your car won't be registered. Get caught with an unregistered car and then pay more fines. Have a car unregistered for a couple of months, then you need a RWC and the re-register.

    Tell me, if there aren't enough staff in the sheriffs office to chase unpaid fines, why is it then better to use the police to effectively enforce those same fines?
  13. Not that i'm sticking up for the people who don't pay their fines... but you obviously don't live in vic.... the system down here is fcuked...

    We can't scratch out head whilst driving without getting fined for it...
  14. Somedays, I just feel like starting my own country when I see what mandatory ideological crap is getting rammed down our road using throats.

  15. You have much to unlearn.
  16. I wondered why Cejay left town?
  17. I'm amazed everyone has been so polite in response to your post. But you are probably just trolling. I'm rather tempted to give you your pedigree. . .

    . . . but instead, I invite you down to Victoria for a holiday. Ride that big bike of yours around Melbourne, the Black Spur, the GOR and just through the city for a few weeks, and you will change your tune. Probably about the time you loose your license for the third time.

    BTW, the roads don't belong to the government, they belong to us, the public. That sort of thinking is why we have these problems down here in Victoria in the first place.
  18. I'm over here in Toronto Canada at the moment and am fortunate to be staying with a Police Traffic Officer. Fortunate because I'm able to get a 1st hand insight into the differences in thinking between our Gov and theirs.

    Speed Cameras were apparently in use over here until there was a massive public outcry and they were removed! So why are we sitting on our butts whinging and not out doing something??

    He also said his officers will use their discrection about pulling over a speeding driver. He uses 10km/h as his guide because of the inaccuracy of speedos in cars.

    I also asked him why the drivers appear to be so good ie: they indicate :LOL:
    Simple - they get booked if they don't. Imagine that guys! Police Traffic Officers doing what they are supposed to and not relying on cameras :shock:

    I hate Victoria.
  19. I always love the wowser comments common to the HeraldSun comments section. It's clear that the online paper attracts a small but vocal number of hate-filled numbnuts who think that the world is their prison ward and them the warden wishing to deal out heavy-handed justice with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat.

    Some of the "solutions" offered are great:

    Jail the people who can't pay their fines

    Yeah, 'cos that'll really help get the fines paid, won't it? Rather than some person being a working and productive member of society, paying taxes, putting food on the table of their family, it's far better to remove that person from society, put them in jail where society has to pay to keep them alive, have them lose their job, and then pay social welfare benefits to keep the family going now that the bread-winner is behind bars, all over a $110 fine which meant the difference between eating for a week for the family, or going hungry. Some families out there are doing it really tough.

    Impound these people's cars until they pay

    Yep. That'll work. Confiscate their means of getting to a job that otherwise enables them to earn the income that could potentially pay the fine.

    Confiscate their cars and sell them to pay the fines

    Great! The fines are now paid. Now the person loses their job, goes on welfare, and society has to pay 20x as much as the fine was to keep the family running. I guess you could argue that the sale of the vehicle would go some way towards covering this cost, but yeah, always better to have people out of work than gainfully employed and paying taxes, right?

    The worst thing about most of these fines though is that many are for silly things like a few k's over the limit here and there, which as we all know, is so exceedingly dangerous. :roll:

    Pack of rocket scientists, the lot of them!
  20. As Roderick pointed out, you have the relationship between the public and Government the wrong way around. They are there for US, not the other way around. The roads belong to EVERYONE, not the Government.

    I think that one of the strange side effects of Australia having such diverse demographics is that often, people with an issue just lie down and take whatever is dished up. They feel too small to change anything. They lose sight of the fact that if they don't like what's going on they can vote! It does, however, take some doing to organise sufficient pressure in an electorate to motivate any incumbent member to act. Therein lies the problem. People can be unintelligent slobs, and the major parties have grown accustomed to it.