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[VIC] Mordialloc to Gipsland/Tarwin Lower - Sat 15th May 2010

Discussion in 'VIC' started by TheRuss, May 13, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Mordialloc to Gipsland/Tarwin Lower - Sat 5th June - RESCHEDULED.

    (Mouth/Mods please note: this ride was already posted to the calendar by a non-member a couple of days ago, but has not gone through screening yet. I'm posting to ensure it gets seen before its too late. :))

    This will be a trip out to Tarwin Lower Via Cranbourne, Lang Lang, Nyora, Poowong, Ranceby, Korumburra, Leongatha, Tarwin, Tarwin Lower

    This is expected to be a class 3/4 ride.

    We aim to meet at Mordialloc Pier at 10am for a 10:15 brief/departure.
    Secondary Meeting point will be Frankston McDonalds Nepean Hwy at 10:30am for a 10:45am departure. This should get us out to Tarwin Lower by 1:00pm-1:30pm in time for lunch.

    All Welcome!!

    Route Map: http://tinyurl.com/28gg4bn
  2. Is there any interest in this ride??

    We've only managed to get 2 riders so far (not from NR) - which is a bit disappointing.
  3. Re: [VIC] Mordialloc to Gipsland/Tarwin Lower - Sat 5th June 2010

    Ride event rescheduled due to a combination of low new interest and riders withdrawing.
    We'll get the new date in the Calendar with a bit more notice. :)
  4. Broadford track day is tomorrow , probably one reason why there was a lack of interest plus the short notice .
  5. Aaaahhh the track day! Yes, I did see that thread pop up.

    Both good points.... I'm blaming the guy that actually organised it (via a Facebook group "Melbourne Riders") for not forcing his mates to come! :p

    At least a couple of us will still get out for a squirt and hopefully the 5th of June will see more interest. :biker: