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[VIC] Monday 27th Dec Ride (Late Notice)

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Dec 26, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Monday 27th Dec Ride (Late Notice) (Cancelled)

    Am itching to get out and go for a ride, and am pretty sure others will be in the same boat. Here's some details. Hope to see some people there. This will be ride suitable for category 3-5 riders. Drop a reply here if you plan on attending.

    Ride Date: Mon 27th December 2010
    Destination: You'll find out on the day
    Meet Point: Caltex/Safeway Fuel+, (next to McDonalds) Cnr Clyde Road and Kangan Drive, Berwick, Melways Ref: 111 C10, Google Map
    Gathering Time: 9:45am (at Meet Point)
    Depature Time: 10:00am sharp (don't be late!)
    Lunch: Wherever we are
    Ride Break Up: Pakenham-ish
    Ride Length: Approx. 400kms from meet point to break up
  2. Enjoy Flux ! Would love to come along on a ride sometime. Unfortunately, will be just short of 10,000km away I'm afraid ! Have fun (y)
  3. Gah... why does there HAVE to be a ride on the day I leave for my holiday? I need to clean my bike and pack, so no can do. Might go for a (very) quick spin just to say hello though.
  4. Re: [VIC] Monday 27th Dec Ride (Late Notice) (Cancelled)

    Aborting this ride. It's raining heavily over some of the areas I was going to go. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday instead.
  5. Yeah I woke up and it was raining... wasn't going to say hi in the rain :p
  6. good because tuesday is better for me