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[VIC] Monash Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TOMatoPASTE, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. I regularly commute to the Melb CBD along the Monash freeway. I'll try not to get too annoyed at the condition of the road at the moment in this post...Anyway, on my trip from the high st entry (citybound) to the batman avenue exit this morning i decided to count the cameras. I came to a total of 11 (and that is only on that side of the road)!

    My first question is how many of these are operational and how many will nab a bike. I have searched to no avail for good information on this issue. Secondly, are they all adjusted for the current speed limits (including that ridiculous 70kph zone outbound which only serves to create a section of tailgating and overzelous overtaking). Finally, the citylink toll gateways, are they fitted with speed cameras or only cameras to capture cars that dont pay?

    Cheers for the advice
  2. They are not speed cameras. The speedies are hidden. What you are counting are traffic flow, congestion and incident cams. Although I have been told with some modification they can be turned into revenue raisers, oops, I mean safety cameras.

    Travel along the Eastern fwy and it's the same, also on the Tulla, and both those fwys are YET to have greedies installed.
  3. yeah dude you had me a litte on the panic side reading 11 camera's on that stretch... saturday morning I was thinking there was none...
  4. As noted above there is only ONE speed camera on the Monash and thats the one just before the Punt Rd turn off, about level with the silos. Don't worry though, i have it from a police source that once the road works are finished point to point speed cameras will be installed.

    Oh and the 70kmh zone is due to the reduced visibility around those corners due to barriers and such and was the area of a motorcycle fatal late last year i think it was.
  5. +1 I have heard the same for the Monash. There has been no effort to install new speed cameras along the route until the roadworks are complete, but they will employ the point to point system.
    Unfortunately they are not going to restore the 100 kph limit once complete.
  6. thats crap, the no 100kmh limit.

    might as well take princess hwy instead of the monash / city link, you go just as quick when theres no traffic.
  7. map of all the speed cameras
    google "cameras cut crashs" , and the dept of justice site comes up
    it has a map with all


    i cant post links until i have 5 posts or more so you have to add www. to the front of it

  8. i am waiting for this to happen, though what really shits me is, it was safe for 100 before, then spend money to improve and upgrade and now it's safe for only 80 :roll: why are they designing unsafe roads, oh right it's safe but you can make more money pissing people off there more will speed and they will make more money, yep all makes sense to me :roll:
  9. The only Greed cameras on the monash are in both Tunnels and on the sign gantry on the Punt Rd overpass inbound.

    No others there yet but give it time.
  10. I believe that the speed limit change is due to "improving traffic flow" :roll:
    However, it still changes back to 100 once you get out past Chadstone I think.
  11. Geeze I hope it goes to 100 somewhere! :shock:
  12. like you can do 100 on the monash. :eek: unless you guys meant while you are filtering. :eek:
  13. WHAT!?

    This was my greatest fear from all these roadworks. Dirty buggers, the lot of 'em! The fwy is gonna be in the best condition it's ever been, and they'll keep the limit at 80. With point-to-point cameras, say hello to a whole lot more revenue! :evil:
  14. the only time you can hit 100 is in the middle of the night.
    even with a better road the increase in volume will mean you never reach 100 anyways.
  15. load of crap :p

    short of peak hour/heavy traffic, im often keeping with the flow of traffic, at 100. people are sick of the roadworks, and dont seem to care for the reduced limit.

    also there's a camera on the gantry over the punt rd overpass? either its backward facing, or it doesnt work, otherwise im due maybe 100 or so infringments :LOL:
  16. Been there for years. Shots straight down your tail when heading into the tunnels and hidden behind an overhead sign.
  17. cheers for all the replies guys. that makes my life a whole lot easier / less stressfull. and no that doesnt mean speeding that means not having to worry about innacurate speedos and being able to concentrate on the road instead of the speedo :) any news on when the works are likely to be completed...? sorry if this has been discussed already
  18. isnt the standard practise to drape one of the said cameras with a tyre and fill the tyre with petrol? iv heard that works well.
  19. Didn't know about the speed camera! Are there speed cameras through the tunnels? *worries*

    The 70 zone was in place before the fatality. I do this road every day and thank fcuk it is slowly getting resurfaced as it is an absolute hazard. If any of you pass a blue Sachs 650 Roadster with a tail bag, give me a wave ;)