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(VIC) Monash Fwy; New Speed Camera??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by sunrise, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Not sure which section was most appropriate.. anyways..
    Outbound, Monash Fwy, just after Warrigal Rd. Not sure where the cameras are but here's the speed trap by the looks of it

  2. That's a traffic counter!
  3. nope
    it's the new generation
    two parts

    the speed sensor (in the gutter)

    and the camera
  4. Leg will be operated on tomorrow then recovery. :)
    Even the thread you showed us is inconclusive.
    I wonder how a data logger can measure speed over 5 lanes of traffic.
  5. That tall, cylindrical camera with the black bands is a speed camera for catching taller vehicles (trucks) who have different speed limits in certian areas than smaller vehicles.

    I think the top photo of the box is a traffic counter.

    Dunno about the one that looks like it's hidden in the storm-water drain.

    Feel free to vandalise all of them, so the government understands even if they aren't doing sneaky speed camera stuff: if they don't signpost stuff, we'll assume the worst of them.
  6. It's a test camera for overseas. Not for here
    there have been numerous threads around about it.

    How will a speed sensor in the gutter measure speed of multiple lanes with several cars crossing at once?
  7. These pricks designed it... http://www.ceos.com.au/products/tirtl-content.htm
  8. numerous people have spotted those in Vic.
    and now that box on the monash I photographed is identical from the front to the gutter box sensors in the pictures below.
  9. If you've ever got a spare hour (and no life) take a ride along Warrigal Rd from one end to the other and count the revenue raisers. Must be the most regulated road per Km in Vic!
  10. time to start hacking! :twisted:
  11. Actually no need, just stop and put some bricks in front of the beams! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Ha ha, my thoughts exactly, then you can't get done for vandalism!
  13. i love that.

    but cover your plate. no doubt there will be other cameras watching
  14. put a pic of goatse in front of it.
  15. Do an impression of goats... oh, geeth beat me to it.
  16. At least we're better off than the Swedes:

  17. Those are speed measuring devices.

    The have them in the gutters of certain speed cameras as a secondary speed verification to the initial greed camera. They are in use along the Princess hwy.

    smee, it doesn't need to measure the speeds across 5 lanes. For all we know they may use them on the Monash to calculate the travel times for display on the boards. The old method involved someone measuring the time using the banks on TV's and following a vehicle that stood out I believe.

    I know there is one before Warragul rd inbound and there is no overhead gantry within a bulls roar of it.
  18. Cats eye camera perhaps.

    You should see how small those ground level cameras they use in the V8Supercar & NASCAR telecast are :shock: