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[VIC] Monash Freeway closed between Kooyong Rd/Burke Rd

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MadAzz300, May 22, 2014.

  1. Posted 5 mins ago

    A 35-year-old man has been arrested as a major police incident unfolds on Melbourne's Monash Freeway near Toorak Rd at Glen Iris.

    Bomb Response Unit officers were called to the scene after police are believed to have targeted a prime mover on the freeway at 4:00am.

    The freeway is closed between Kooyong Road and Burke Road.

    Drivers in other vehicles at the scene have been stopped and are being kept away from the immediate area.
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  2. Yep not even gonna bother even on the motorbike as many cages will be cutting left and right making filtering an exercise in how well one can hold their cool before killing someone. Am on the train today
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  3. Still closed in both directions as of 7am .
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    Missed the original notice that the Fwy had been closed.
    I got on at Narre Warren at about 10 minutes to 8.00am, seems it had just been re-opened and there was barely any traffic all the way in to the CBD.

    One of the best runs in I have ever had. :)
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  5. I got on at Narre at 7:15 and thought I'd missed that today was a public holiday. Dream run in. :)
  6. Don't know why this was moved to the pub as it was a genuine hazard this morning?
  7. I got caught up in it, don't listen to the news in the morning left at six by 6:20 all traffic was being detoured at Warrigal Road. Talk about fcuking dodgem cars fcuk me, princes highway wasn't much better either but eventually got through it and to work only 20 mins late
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