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[Vic] Monash Filtering Etiquette

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by speedy1, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. If you are filtering on the Monash and you happen to notice a bike behind you revving his/her engine,
    it might be a good idea to move over instead of sitting there blocking the proceedings of everyone else.
    FFS get out of that carcentric way of thinking and be considerate of people around you and bloody look in your mirrors and check before you enter a (splitting) lane!!!!!

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  2. who exactly are you preaching to?
  3. I don't think it's me, but if it was I heartily apologise and will try to do better in the future.

    By the way, is this the road from Monash to Berri or to Barmera? Being in Adelaide I don't get up the Riverland all that often.


  4. Pretty sure speedy1 is talking about Monash "Freeway" in Melbourne, which is a parking lot most of the time hence filtering.

    BTW what time, inbound outbound?
  5. Here's another:

    You can see you are fast approaching another rider splitting, so how about you then move and split in another lane. It is not a two-lane freeway with only one (splitting lane) eh? :banghead:

    As long as the rider is still faster than the surrounding traffic WTF is your problem? If you are in such a rush to become another statistic, how about YOU showing some consideration and simply move around the slower rider by changing lanes.

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  6. Ohhh no we cant do that.... that would take common sense.
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  7. So that was you rev bombing me in the 25 seconds it took me to horse the MT into a gap the bugger would fit.
  8. I'd suggest getting out the carcentric way of thinking it's your road and everyone else should get out of your way. Why so angry when you're only inconvenienced for a few seconds?
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  9. Ffs! First world problem! Find something worth whinging about..or maybe...another lane!
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  10. I just want to put it out there that as a daily Monash filterer, I find the consideration and cooperation of riders of various mounts, some built for filtering and some not, and various levels of skill/confidence, entirely heartening.

    Rage at the tradie utes that crowd the line and the Barinas that randomly change lanes without indicating or any hope of improving their grid-locked plight; not your riding brethren, you impatient douche
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  11. When in trouble getting through grid-lock............

    There is an answer........... albeit - never a good one
  12. What is this etiquette you speak of? You haven't shown any on this thread. Just typical cager road rage.

    Tomorrow when I'm filtering on the Monash and some nob is revving up my arse, I might just kick it down a gear and take it easy...just like I do when I'm in the cage.
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  13. Isn't that the attitude a lot of cagers have which end in them pushing us out of lanes and possibly clipping us? Impatience and aggression. "How dare this fcukhead slow me down."

    Ever thought maybe he doesn't split much and as such is not as confident going a light speed? Maybe it's a new bike and he doesn't know the dimensions comfortably yet? Hell, MAYBE he's just doing his own speed because fcuk you.

    If some prick rev bombed me while I was splitting I'd stop the fcuking bike and take on the characteristics of a cage. Sit there and not give a shit about you.

    Nothing to stop them giving you a belting either. Ive seen guys on thous before trying to intimidate smaller bikes or learners or platers. Thing is, you don't know who the hell is riding. I know a guy who rides a little GS500 and is on red plates, he's chill. He's also 6'8" and has a fist that would cave your helmet in.

    Leave being a dickhead to our common enemy. The tractors.
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  14. My thoughts exactly. When I was starting off splitting I wasn't quick by any means. But if I saw a bike coming up behind me I'd merge over when it was safe too. They generally just waited for me and gave a wave when they passed me.

    You wouldn't want a learner going 80 while splitting, only for a car to pull out and the learner not being able to react correctly or in time
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  15. Wow I know right?!?! I was on the monash too filtering like you, and guess what some moron came flying up behind revving the hell out of his bike...
  16. Ok Ive gone long enough. What the fuk is a splitting lane?. Ive never heard of one. I know of bus lanes, cycle lanes, slow lanes, passing lanes, etc, etc.
  17. #17 Greydog, Mar 26, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
    Splitting lane is the lane created btw lanes of stationary or slow moving cars. Absolutely MADE for motorcycles, should be fully legalised, is 'sometimes' legal (depending on how you do it), and could very well earn you unwanted attention from the cops.

    ETA: slitting lanes work even better when a) cages drive in a straight line, b) they use their indicators when changing lanes, and c) they don't act like fcuktards and try to block us.
  18. ...this discussion was never going to go well - even though speedy's sentiment is a common one, which is just about courtesy and not holding up a fellow rider in traffic and of course in the hills... he unfortunately didn't show much courtesy in his post... it was more like courtesty.
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  19. And because your hot on the inside, Im gonna be nice. So let me get this straight Its an imaginary lane that mexican riders have made up and are now are fighting over the right to use it....Mmmmmmm LMFAO

    LOL ...no
  20. I see what you did there!