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[Vic] Modified Exhausts and the Law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. quick question:

    what laws in Victoria related to a modified exhaust on a motorcycle, and any effects it may have? (on the noise side of things, air pollution aside).

    aka if i'm running an aftermarket exhaust, what can i be accused/charged with?
    if i'm running no exhaust, what again?

    do the cops that say it sounds too loud, and you have to have it tested, or can they test themselves?

    more info the better :)
  2. You have to take it and get it tested by an Authorised tester, costs $38-00 I believe,
    It says the cost in here some where,
    A copper says its too noisy you have to get it tested whether it is noisy or not,
    They used to do that years ago, Book you for excessive noise if they couldnt get you for any thing else, And that was with cars and bikes that didnt make a sound, It still cost you tho.
  3. Not sure how often if happens with bikes but if the cops are running a roadworthy checkpoint with EPA and they (EPA) find you not running a cat converter where one is supposed to be its a hefty fine. Otherwise just the noise test as noted by deadman AFAIK.
  4. Cat converters are not compulsory on bikes
  5. Although I do not doubt you - I would like to see the legislation there

  6. But what if your model of bike came out with a cat from factory?

    As far as I knew it was illegal to remove any kind of emmissions control device that was fitted by the manufacturer. Granted that was related to cars but I would have thought the same rule applies to bikes.. its just less common for a bike to come out with one.

  7. As a general rule of thumb for most thing roadworthy wise / ADR compliant wise , if a vehicle comes from the factory fitted with a CAT weather it is a bike or car and they bust you with it missing , your going to be is a s...t load of trouble . Even if the ADR relating to a motorcycle emissions doesn't mention this , which I doubt it wouldn't , modifiing a CAT exhaust is known to change the emission output which would be enough for EPA to bust you if they are smart enough to know that there was a CAT in the system originally .

  8. Yeah when i read it it was something like, "Tampering with the emission control system is a gazillion dollar fine" didnt say for a bike or a car.... So i guess get someone else to do it for you.
  9. What if you buy a 2nd hand bike that has a RWC but subsequently turns out not to have a cat conv?
  10. I'm wondering about this, too. I bought my bike secondhand with a Micron exhaust already on it, owner didn't have the original pipe anymore. If I get pinged for an allegedly illegal exhaust, I'm going to have a conniption fit.
  11. steel wool I hear works great at deadening mufflers.
  12. I bought a brand new bike, off the show room floor, with a too loud Vance and Hines exhaust already fitted.
  13. Correction, Stainless steel wool, Coarse.
    Just steel wool cant handle the heat and burns out almost straight away.
  14. And a lesson for young players, here. Never buy a bike that isn't able to be returned to standard config, such as the case with Grue's bike.

    Or to modify your own bike's standard exhaust to make it louder. You get pinged, you may have difficulty in getting it back to original.

    And Grue, what was the owner's explanation as to the missing OEM pipe(s) and how did he get an RWC on it?
  15. With this topic in mind it appears that Melbourne Council parking officers will get "training" to be able to determine the level of vehicle exhaust noise. In particular they're supposedly targetting motorcycles.

    While they won't be issuing tickets, they'll report the "offending" vehicles to the EPA who'll issue a "please attend a vehicle testing centre" notice.

    What I hate about this process is that it is open to all kinds of abuse. What if you get a parking officer, or even a normal copper, who has a thing about bikes. He then proceeds to "book" bikes, left, right and centre for supposedly noisy exhausts. The owners are then forced to get the bikes tested at their own expense. There is no comeback. The only thing would be if the owners who feel that they've been slighted, to make representations to their local member of parliament.

    And, yeah, so much for the face of motorcycle friendliness that the cops put on for the attendees at a Vicroads "summit" a few months ago...
  16. He was the second owner, apparently the original owner had slapped the Micron on it. :dunno:

    I guess I'll just have to keep the revs really low during the jackboot crackdown.
  17. Thats been happening for years with cars anyway esp to P platers. Back when i was a P plater in a mildly hotted up (not ridiculously loud or anything) i would magically get an EPA notice a week after i'd been through a booze bus even though i'd only idled through for that reason. Or just random ones cos some cop or EPA officer heard the car as i drove past and thought it was too loud. Never was either for the record.
  18. Pissed off. I have no patience for mechanical shit. 15 minutes, bruised finger, grazed knuckle and still can't get my custom exhaust off.

    and I have a sound test booked in for Tuesday...
  19. Not with MCC parking officers it hasn't...
  20. loud pipes save lives. ive had quiet and loud bikes and the difference is obvious in the way traffic behaves.

    how is 96db any worse for the world than 93?

    **** australia has gone beige