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VIC (VIC) Mobile speed cameras reap $103 in victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Just a article i saw which may interest our victorian riders


  2. I'm in those figures :(
  3. Urgh. This kind of thing really annoys me.

    These cameras are located in dangerous accident blackspots, right? Places where they want people to slow down because of the danger inherent to that particular location? They're not there for revenue? So how can there possibly be "adverse outcomes" if people know where these things are and slow down as they go past them? This sounds like an epic logic fail.
  4. For the record, Nepean Hwy, Edithvale IS NOT an accident blackspot. Lying shits!!!!
  5. Me 2 x2
  6. Sorry VIC I have not given you any money yet keep trying harder.
  7. hahaha, me too. i helped raise those funds
  8. I like the whole "Unobtrusive flashes" thing. Translated that means - You cant see them at night. You cant warn anyone theyre there. You also dont know youve been hit. How the fuck is that in any way reducing a road toll.
  9. Tis the season to get fucked over apparently
  10. I always watch out for these things. Pretty easy to spot IMO. Usually late model vehicles lying on nature strip with a few antennas sticking out.

    A new breed of mobile cameras nowaday can 'see' all the way across the other side of the freeway. Suppose it's not applicable to motorbikes anyway.

    My poor Kiwi neighbour was pinged @ the Mordialoc camera. He bought a brand new CBR250R, done around 100kms that day and was nabbed in the evening. :(

    Another thing, they all have panic button so don't walk up to the operator with helmet on... lol
  11. I'm doing it :D
  12. In that case, do what you have to do and get out quickly, leave no evidence behind. :bolt:

    The po-po will be there in a few minutes...
  13. just got the letter for $200 and 6 points for doing 59 in a 40 in the cross city tunnel!!!
    assumed it was 80 in there and didnt see anything to the contrary! sat afternoon, no roadworks and no traffic/accident...eh!

    damn, i had just got my point back and on a zero balance too!!
  14. brush cutter fitted with blade, disguised as stoned council worker. oops i seem to have severely damaged .... OOOH NOES HOW DO I TURN THIS THING OFF SORRY SORRY
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  15. There has been a rumour in other places that they are waiting longer to send out notices, because there is a better chance of hitting you for a few more dollars before you get the message!
  16. I always thought you can't be done for a subsequent offence committed before you receive the notice about the previous offence. The intention is to allow you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. When I looked this up just now though - IT DOESN'T APPLY TO MOBILE CAMERAS. WTF?!
  17. you can't really draw any conclusions from that FOI data but a cursory inspection of the first page shows that the average fine is much nearer $149 (<10kmh over) than $239 (10-24kmh over). Not exactly painting a picture of a state full of dangerous hoons is it?

    in fact some rough calcs on the first page indicate to me that with a couple of exceptions it's something like 85% of infringements are for <10kmh over. In other civilised societies that level of speeding wouldn't even be addressed.
  18. Money hungry fvckers. It reminds me... I really should check my speedo now that I have new tyres...
  19. i just got a letter in the mail adding $244 to their loot :(
  20. more than 10 but less than 15 kmh over the limit, 3 points, huh? :) I've got such a letter yesterday myself :).