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[VIC] Miss Dj's 22nd B'day!, Sat Mar 29th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jamie aka Miss_ Dj

    Where: Belgian Beer Garden - 557 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
    Mel Ref: 2L B10

    When: 29th March 2008

    Time: 6pm onwards
    RSVP: 27th March 2008
    via PM

    Hope to see you there :p

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    Good for you, you old fart!

  3. is the gsxr you birthday pressie.....if so your a lucky girl. :grin:
  4. Bah, I gotta work at Crusty's that weekend.

    I might pop in for a grope after work ;)
  5. I'll try and make it.
  6. Hey Lady! Yayyyyy! will be there for sure

    Sexy Jamie on her sexy Gixer!!! See you there! xxx
  7. Hey Charlie!!

    How cool is that pic!!
    Thanks hun :p

    Glad some of you can make it!
    See you there :)
  8. Aww I wanna come

    *stampies feet*

    stupid distance and speed laws.... :mad:
  9. hey I just pushed my ticket back a few days so I will juuuuust be able to make it!!!!

    It will be a bit of a drive but i wouldnt miss it!
  10. :cry: can't make it... will be in canberra for a wedding. Had sooo much fun at ur b'day last year! wish we could be there :p hope u have an unreal night!
  11. I'll be there
  12. Yeah, I'm already going to Crusty's with a friend too.

    Oh well. :(

    Have a good one Jamie. :)
  13. my sydney trip just got cancelled, i may just be there
  14. I'll try and get there Jamie, no Promises though
  15. Hey Monro.. Is it near Briiighton .. :p :LOL:
  16. im really sorry kido I cant get work off this year F$%Kn there being C^%TS about it too.

    Have a good day Jamie and a happy easter to you too! :grin:
  17. Dam it....We will be at the Crustys night of nights to, partying it up with my brother in law who sponsers them. ( sorry cant say no to free stuff)
    Have a good one kid.
  18. Hey Jamie

    Seany and I were planning on going for a ride up to Bright to meet the other Netriders over that weekend, but if this shitty weather keeps up we won't be going. So if we don't go to Bright we will be there :)

    Shell and Seany
  19. Hi Kids,

    Damn those crusty demons.... lol
    Too many of you are going... eh doesn't matter, i'll probably be too smashed to care hehehe :p

    In saying that, I don't plan on finishing until the early hours of the morning so if you're up for it, come after the demons...

    On another note, the weather is not on my side at the moment so i have origanised a plan B should the rains provail...

    PLAN B

    Transport Bar
    Fed Square...

    If you need any info, my mobile number is on the invite imagine on the first page of this thread...